PAR Brink POS offers complete white-glove service, tailored specifically for Arby’s

Cloud-based solution • No back-office required • Works offline
Flexible platform with unique data sharing capabilities • Universal API   •  Personalized menu configurations
All creating a seamless & enhanced experience for the store’s operator and its guests!

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PAR + Arby's

It is critical we stay relevant to our customers and adopt new technologies quickly. Standardization is the key to achieve our digital roadmap. PAR Tech’s White-Glove Solution will ensure we won’t miss a beat.

PAR Tech will be able to provide a simple maintenance and cloud solution that allows integrations to today’s loyalty and a variety of ordering systems. With the implementation of PAR Brink POS Software + PAR EverServ® 600 widescreen hardware + PAR Services, we can achieve these company-wide initiatives.

Franchisees can expect this technology initiative to enhance data capture, allow for remote management, increase order accuracy, and so much more! If you would like to see a PAR software or hardware demo or have installation and service questions, please click here to get in touch with a PAR representative.

Your Hardware Solution for Success.

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• Allows for increased customer interaction
• Sleek, polished appearance
• Contemporary design
• Upgraded look and feel of the conventional point-of-sale

PAR EverServ 600 Displaying Arby's Menu


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