Kiosks: Using Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

Convenience and Personalization At Your Fingertips

Today’s customers are more aware of the technology in their lives than ever before. They’re surrounded by AI and machines from the moment they wake up until the time they go to bed, much of which is making their day-to-day lives simpler. However, that simplicity also places a premium on how these people spend their time and, more importantly, where they spend it.

Kiosks have been around for years, most prominently in the airline industry. Thanks to rapidly evolving technology that allows restaurants to do everything from count the number of bagels in a basket to recognize customers solely based on their faces, fast casual and quick service restaurants are quickly adopting them as well. The result is a free-standing or mounted machine that can quickly, and accurately, take customer orders and increases throughput.

If it seems too good to be true, consider how quickly the kiosk market has already evolved over the last few years. Some of the largest quick service restaurants in the U.S., including the likes of McDonald’s, Subway, Panera Bread, Taco Bell and Sonic Drive-In are investing millions into the free-standing kiosks and throwing dollars into AI they hope will give hungry customers a more pleasurable experience than what they currently receive.

Kiosks are providing a valuable service for guests every time they step into a restaurant.

How are concepts leveraging the technology to create a truly personalized experience to delight everyone who walks through the door?

PAR’s Kiosk Whitepaper covers several major topics, including:

  • What the largest brands are doing to leverage kiosks in their locations
  • How kiosks will impact staff allocation in fast casual and quick service restaurants
  • How kiosks are using machine vision and artificial intelligence to service customers
  • The financial impact of relying on technology versus cashiers
  • Why kiosks are the future of line busting
  • How kiosks create personalized experiences for each customer
  • Data collection in an age of increased privacy

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The Days of "Would You Like Fries with That?" Are Over

Most of us have been the recipient of a tired cashier upsell that has almost no chance of converting into a sale, but those days may soon be over. Kiosks provide the same services as a cashier would, but are able to make suggestions based on a slew of data points. From the weather outside to the time of day, kiosks have the power to make relevant suggestions to influence what guests are most likely to order at that point in time.

What are the results? Concepts with kiosks routinely report average ticket sizes that are 15% higher compared to a cashier. One large quick service concept reported that locations outfitted with kiosks earn about 5-6% more during the first year they’re installed, and an additional 2% the following the year.

In a crowded industry saturated with options, the need to remove as much hassle from the ordering process is paramount to a location’s success. Customers are no longer content with waiting in line and time is of the essence.