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Hanging KDS

Hanging KDS

Mounting Bracket and Monitor - PAR Technology

KDS Bump Bar - PAR Tech

What Goes into PAR™ KDS Hardware?

 PAR™ Technology’s KDS systems come with four pieces, including Brink POS® Kitchen, either a touchscreen or non-touch monitor, a controller and bump bar. KDS also includes an all-in-one mounting feature for easy installation. Brink POS® Kitchen integrates with a number of third-party vendors and platforms, as well as traditional in-house point of sale systems.

PAR™ Kitchen Display System Features:

  • CPUIntel Apollo Lake Controller CPU
  • OSWindows 10
  • Screen21.5″ TFT LCD Backlight Monitor with Optional Touchscreen Available
  • FeaturesUSB Controller Interface. All-in-one Mounting Feature Built-in Speakers with Sound Options Capacitive Touch Bump Bar with Watertight Design

Unite Your Front & Back of House

Allow your chefs and serving staff to work together.

Streamline your operations, labor managment, and rush hours; increase communication between the front and back of the house, and improve the overall efficiency of your restaurant with this native Brink POS® software feature.

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