Food Safety



The CDC estimates approximately 48 million people in the U.S. are afflicted with a foodborne illness; 3,000 of which never make it home. Disregarding FDA regulated HACCP compliance is a major contributor to this problem. The unsafe production, handling, and consumption of food products can permanently damage your brand and bottom line. No company wants to be in this position, but with help from PAR's SureCheck®, our food safety software, these risks are mitigated.

PAR's SureCheck® solution is helping business owners ensure they are meeting FDA regulated standards. This innovative device reassures that restaurants, grocery stores, and food distributors are in consistent compliance and eliminating procedural risks.

SureCheck® SaaS

SureCheck® Software captures your data and automatically uploads it to the cloud. In real-time, you can customize, store, filter, and analyze all data logs. Accessible from anywhere, this technology alleviates the stress that comes with correct food safety practice.

Together, the IoT, Cloud, and data capabilities of this solution deliver numerous benefits to all areas of food-related businesses.

The bottom line is, whether it’s cross contamination, inadequate cooking, or anything in between, food safety violations derive from many sources. The solution to these issues, however, only comes from PAR.

It’s time to ditch the pencil and paper, while moving toward a safer future with SureCheck®.


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Overall Food Safety

Ensuring critical control points are monitored and proper corrective actions are taken when necessary.

Higher Performance

Work­ers are reminded to complete Food Safety tasks, so more tasks are completed on time and fewer are missed.

Audit Trail

The solution delivers a detailed, automated audit trail of who completed the action and when it was completed.


A single source for all information including execution timing, missing checklists, non-observed items, top violations, violation details, single checklist detail and a daily summary.


PAR has identified timesaving of as much as 60 percent when compared to maintaining paper-based logs.

Quality Improvement

In addition to HACCP-compliance, the information gathered can be used for quality control, such as identifying food preparation where there has been undercooking or overcooking.


The intuitive interface needs little to no training, which is ideal for the high-turnover environment of the food industry.

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