Regional Second Printer Roll-out

The Peak Period Survey has allowed us to understand how stores are experiencing success by adding a second printer to their line.

  • Five Guys and PAR have teamed up to get second printers in all units!
  • This is completely optional. However, we highly suggest adding this to make your kitchen run smoothly.
  • The second printer has been tested in FGO and FGE stores with exceptional outcomes.
  • FGO has installed a second printer in all 420 locations.

How Has a Second Printer Changed the Game?

Quality Control

  • Second printers can be printed on colored paper, improving order accuracy by visually easily identifiable indicators for dine-in vs. takeout orders.

Kitchen Organization

  • Organize completed orders by take out vs. dine-in

Improved Food Quality

  • This will allow the Fry Crew to know when to drop the fries.

How do I Get my Printer?

Place Your Order

Order for some or all of your locations. The order form is linked below. Each region will have three weeks to place its order. While the order may be placed early,

Get Your Printer

This will be a region-based rollout. Each Director of Franchise Operations will reach out to respective franchisees a week before their roll-out date. PAR WILL NOT ship ahead of a region’s rollout period.

Install Your Printer

Upon submission of the form, you will receive installation instructions included in a confirmation email. Printed install instructions will be included in the shipment.

Confirm Your Setup

You will receive an email from “Smartsheet” to confirm the printer installation date and time. Once confirmed, a PAR technician will remotely confirm it is online. Once online, the printer will work the following business day.

Printer Roll-out Details

Fill out this form to begin your order

PAR Triple Interface Printer - Model M3901