PAR’s Newest Enterprise POS Restaurant Tablets

Mobility Designed for Growth

PAR’s Windows-based enterprise tablets are designed to be a powerful, fast, and mobile piece of your restaurant’s full-scale POS solution. Our newest touchscreen tablets are powered Intel Apollo Lake processors, decreasing customer wait times, arming staff members with line-busting technology and providing the best guest experience possible.
Our EverServ® Enterprise Tablets work with both our cloud-based Brink POS® software and on-premise PixelPoint® software, providing kitchen staff with real-time order information as soon as it’s entered into the system. Whether you operate a fast-casual restaurant or a quick service location, provide an amazing dining experience and increase throughput with PAR hardware.

PAR Tablets Running Brink POS - PAR Technology

PAR Hardware EverServ Tablets with Brink POS - PAR Technology

PAR Hardware Tablet Docking Station - PAR Technology

PAR Tablets in 8 and 10 inches
Offered in both 8″ and 10″ versions, PAR’s Enterprise tablets are faster and stronger than ever, featuring:
  • Memory4GB
  • Storage64GB
  • OSWindows 10
  • Screen800 nit screen
  • USBUSB 3.0
  • CCNFC/RFID Built-in for credit card processing
Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Your restaurant POS should be future-proof and ready to handle everything you throw at it without the fear of disruptions or damage slowing you down.
PAR Hardware Tablet Docking Station - PAR Technology

Engage Your Customers

Restaurant operators are constantly striving for the best customer experience possible. That doesn’t happen when your staff is spending time behind a counter or in a backroom maintaining an outdated legacy system.

How is the Restaurant Industry Using Our Tablets?

Baker using PAR tablet
PAR Tablet Quad Charger


PAR’s Tablet POS Docking Station transforms your mobile tablet into a full-service restaurant point of sale system in the blink of an eye. Built specifically for our 8″ and 10″ tablets, our POS docking station serves as a stationary point of sale and charging station. It also supports traditional POS peripherals such as printers, cash drawers, customer displays, card readers, scanners and more.
By providing our servers with mobile POS devices, our staff can spend more time engaging with our guests – Joe Tenczar CIO, Sonny’s BBQ