Drive-Thru Headset Returns

The following instructions only apply to headsets purchased from 3M. If you purchased a headset from PAR Technology and need to request an RMA, please call (800) 328-0033 and follow the prompts to speak with a support representative.



G5 Headset Carrier with Pod - PAR Technology

If you are returning a 3M headset...

**Please note that 3M RMA numbers are no longer required in advance.**

Step 1 – On a sheet of paper, list the following:

Store Name:
Phone Number:
Serial Number(s) for Equipment Needing Repair:

Step 2 – Make a copy of the sheet with this information for your records.

Step 3 – Place the other copy of the sheet, along with the equipment needing repair, inside a box.

Step 4 – Send the equipment by UPS or FedEx to:

3M Repair Center, 3M FRR
1617 N. Front Street, (Bldg. 10)
New Ulm, MN 56073

Be sure to keep a copy of the sheet listing your equipment, serial numbers and tracking number for your shipment, which will serve as your record of the equipment you sent for repair.

This information will be required if you need to call and check on repair status. For shipping labels, please email your request to