Online ordering and delivery have changed how customers order food.

The Food Delivery Landscape is Evolving

Customers today demand convenience in almost every facet of their lives, and that includes the meals they choose to eat. Delivery currently accounts for almost 20% of all restaurant orders, so having a system that works and can adapt to fast-changing technology is more important than ever.

Although the quality of the food being served by restaurants hasn’t changed much, everything from how menu items are ordered to how their food is packaged, delivered and handled at the restaurant has evolved. As more of a restaurant’s revenue comes from delivery orders, savvy operators are taking advantage of this new revenue stream. And those who don’t join the trend? Well, the future may be bleak.

With insight from Vishal Agarwal, CEO and founder of It’s a Checkmate, and Sterling Douglass, CEO and co-founder of Chowly, this whitepaper offers a comprehensive and engaging look into a burgeoning industry and what it will take to survive.

Online ordering and delivery sales used to be a pleasant surprise for restaurant owners. Today, it’s a way of life.

PAR’s Delivery Whitepaper discusses several major topics related to the industry, including:

  • What the largest brands are doing to boost delivery
  • How delivery sales impact the bottom line
  • Why data is driving the industry
  • Using convenience to your advantage
  • How delivery changes menu design
  • What does competition look like in the delivery space
  • The balance between third-party services and restaurants
  • The rise of ghost kitchens and other food delivery innovations

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The Rise of the Third-Party Delivery Platform

Today’s consumer wants convenience, and the restaurant experience is no exception. Trips out to a local eatery are slowly being replaced by nights spent at home, but that doesn’t mean consumers are giving up on their favorite foods and establishments. Thanks to technology and the rise of third-party delivery services, customers can still get their favorite foods without the hassle of physically leaving their homes.

Online food sales are expected to top more than $365 billion by 2030. With so much money on the table, everyone from the diner on the corner to the biggest chain restaurants in America are positioning themselves to get their slice of the pie.