Dash Now is the text-to-pay contactless platform for restaurants. With COVID19 causing dining rooms to shut down all over the world, our text-to-pay and I’m here car-side pickup solutions are helping restaurants take more to-go orders while keeping their staff and customers safe.


  • Exclusive offer for all PARTech customers. Dash Now is waiving their $199 install fee and also providing a FREE 30 day trial to all PARTech customers that sign up by March 1st, 2021.


  • Enter the customers phone number in Brink and they will receive a text message allowing them to pay the bill from their phone. The restaurant will receive a real-time notification when the customer arrives to pick up their order. No app or download required.


  • Take more to-go orders
  • Receive real-time alerts when guests arrive to pick up their order
  • Reduce physical contact between guests and staff

"Our staff and customers absolutely love it!"

"Since we started using text-to-pay in our restaurant our to-go sales have increased by over 20%. Thanks to the amazing team at Dash Now, our restaurant is still open today and thriving. Our staff and customers absolutely love it! "

- Brian Roberts

Owner, Sombrero's Mexican Cantina

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