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It is critical we stay relevant to our customers and adopt new technologies quickly. Standardization is the key to achieve our digital roadmap. Updating our Point of Sale, Labor, Inventory, Supply Chain Management, and Reporting systems will put us on track to achieve our goals.

PAR Technology Inc. will be able to provide a simple maintenance and cloud solution that allows integrations to today’s loyalty and variety of ordering systems. With the implementation of PAR Brink POS® Software + PAR EverServ® 600 widescreen hardware + PAR Services, we can achieve these company-wide initiatives.

Franchisees can expect this technology initiative to enhance data capture, allow for remote management, increase order accuracy, and so much more! If you would like to see a PAR demo to learn more, please click here to get in touch with a PAR representative.

PAR Brink POS® & PAR EverServ® 600 Terminal

Brink POS® Software

Brink POS® is the preferred all-in-one restaurant point of sale solution, built for the Enterprise, yet flexible enough for the independent restaurant owner, featuring a monthly SaaS subscription.

PAR Hardware

PAR’s EverServ® 600 Series of terminals are built and designed to survive in a harsh restaurant environment.

PAR Company information

PAR is a leading global provider of cloud-based point of sale solutions, hardware, and service offerings to restaurant chains. Building on more than 40 years of experience, PAR is recognized as the largest supplier of POS systems to the global restaurant market.


Why are we doing it?
  •  It is critical we stay relevant to our customers and adopt new technologies quickly. Standardization is key to achieve our digital roadmap 
What is the new solution?
  • The new solution is upgrading CKE POS systems to PAR Brink POS® and Back of House to Crunchtime.
What will it cost?
  • All details regarding any anticipated costs will soon be added to StarNET. 
What are we doing?
  • Updating our Point of Sale with simpler maintenance with a cloud solution that enables integrations to today’s loyalty and mobile ordering systems.
What is the value to my business? 
  • Better control of food costs
  • Better management of labor costs
  • Reduced time to complete inventory and delivery reconciliation
  • Integrated purchasing
  • Reduced administrative burden for management
  • Mobile communication with Team Members for labor scheduling
  • Real-time access to restaurant operating data
  • Integrated third party delivery
  • Open platform for digital transformation
How do I sign up?
  • Getting started is easy! Fill out the form below and a PAR representative will be with you every step of the way!
When can I sign up? 
  • This program is already on the move, sign up today! 
  • Not ready to sign up or just looking for more information? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions.
What is the process?
  • First, complete the PAR customer information form and fill out the PAR Participation Agreement. Next Schedule a site survey. Then, review and approve the quote, and electrically sign the sales order. Finally, schedule your install!

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