Choosing the Right POS System


To claim that the evolution of the point of sale has been “significant” over the years would be a vast understatement. The simplistic days of a cash register, a pad, pen, and paper are infinitely in the past. In our culture today, a POS system can be the catalyst to a business’s success, or the trigger of its utter failure.


Hardware and software are no longer simply components of processing transactions. A business’s point of sale platform can singlehandedly transform a guest’s experience; transcending a moderate act of ordering a meal to an overall enjoyable encounter that causes consumers to come back regularly and become believers and supporters of the brand. Nothing is more valuable to a business today than a metaphorical walking billboard in the form of a happy and satisfied customer. Choosing the correct point of sale solution for your business has never been more important.




  • 1: Get your Head (and Your Business) in the Cloud
  • 2: The Mobility Age
  • 3: The Truth Behind the Hardware
  • 4: The Benefits of Having a “One-Stop-Shop”
  • 5: How to Maximize the Return on Your Investment
  • 6: Our Recommendations

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Get Your Head (and Your Business) in the Cloud



The Cloud. This ominous term is tossed around in casual conversation and has become a staple in our current vernacular. The current generation doesn’t know a world without it. So, what’s all the fuss about? The cloud is not just a technology platform but is a dynamic and leading influencer in the overall evolution in the culture and lifestyles of consumers. Restaurant owners can adapt to this progressive era via their POS platforms. With Millennials occupying 25% of the population, and representing over $200 billion in annual buying power, their influence in the market is undeniable.1


One of the leading benefits of implementing cloud-based POS software into your business is the immense scalability and adaptability of the software itself-meaning it easily supports the evolving needs of consumers and the market, allowing your business to keep up with competitors, and leave customers satisfied with a desire to return. At PAR, our cloud-based Brink POS software offers advantages to your organization, including:


Customer Loyalty Programs

The best way for restaurants to surpass their competition is to create a loyal fan base. Creating a custom loyalty program to drive new customers into your restaurant and retain your current clientele is a fundamental key to your brand’s success. As the business owner, you even have the opportunity to customize your loyalty program to fit your restaurant’s menu and revenue goals. Store important customer data and information, such as:

  • Historical buying habits
  • Favorite dishes
  • Birthdays
  • Previous order history
  • Contact information

Restaurants and retailers now have the ability to send special offers, promotions, or coupons to guests via emails or text messages. Loyalty programs allow businesses to track customer purchases, and reward them with a points system for every item or dollar spent.


1. Schawbel, “10 New Findings about Millennial Consumers”

Online Ordering

Technology today offers convenience to
consumers more than ever before.

Online ordering has become an expectation
that customers utilize, as 45% of
American consumers expect some form of
technology as the first point of contact
in their dining experience.2

Cloud POS software provides restaurants the ability to implement online ordering onto their websites for their customers to take advantage of. Patrons can order anytime, and select their pickup time. Online ordering via a website or mobile app is a valuable feature to take advantage of in order to keep your restaurant desirable in the eyes of Millennials and members of Generation Z; two of the most influential groups of consumers today. According to Technomic Inc, 54% of Generation Z consumers visit QSR establishments more than once a month, and is the “generation that is most likely to use technology to their advantage when choosing a foodservice location.”3

2. Technomic Inc., Food Service Digest, November 2016 edition, pg. 2)
3. Technomic, Inc. “Gen Z Selfie.”

Social Marketing

In a world revolving around Mobility, a presence on social media has never been more important for restaurant branding.

Social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, and 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form.4

By using features of cloud POS software such as Online Ordering and Loyalty Programs, customers can rate their experience, tweet comments, share their order, post a photo of their dish, or “like” a restaurant’s page on Facebook or “follow” on Instagram. Each consumer who engages in social posting becomes an ambassador for your restaurant and has a positive impact on your brand.


4. 16 Reasons why your Business needs Social Media Marketing”

Automatic Updates

Cloud POS software automatically updates – security updates, bug fixes, and increased speed occur automatically without any prompting or effort by the business owners or managerial staff. This ensures your software operates optimally and is ready to perform at the highest level. Spend time waiting on your guests, not behind a terminal.



Enterprise Reporting IconEnterprise Reporting

PAR’s Brink POS software applications give restaurant owners the ability to generate reports for a single store or multiple restaurant locations. Managers and owners can exercise full control in defining how data is consolidated- whether by city, state, region or country. All reports occur in realtime, meaning the information is continuously current, and as up to date as possible. It can then be analyzed anywhere the operator has internet access.


Multi-Unit Management IconMulti-Unit Management

Menu management and system configuration across multiple units is quick and easy with Brink’s unique cloud-based technology. Business owners can now simplify menu rollout, and improve operational efficiency.



Increased Data Security IconIncreased Data Security

The level of security in cloud-based software is thoroughly increased, limiting the scope of liability and the chance of credit card breach or identity theft. Brink does not require a back-office computer, and customer data is safe, secure and accessible in the cloud.


Say goodbye to legacy and hello to the cloud.

Cloud-based POS solutions are adaptable, cost-effective, and easy to implement, in comparison to traditional legacy POS systems, which are costly to update and outdated. Switching to the cloud when choosing a new POS system is an effective way to keep customers connected and engaged, as well as to eliminate the risk of failing to meet industry standards and regulations, or failure to be compliant. 

Cloud POS solutions are flexible, valuable, and beneficial in a multitude of ways, and their implementation will allow your restaurant to rise to meet consumer expectations and market demands.

With the adoption of the cloud, business owners can align their brand with success by promoting additional conveniences for consumers to take advantage of- such as curbside takeout, customer loyalty programs, online ordering, text message ordering, in-store tablets, kiosk ordering, line busting, and pay at table devices to name a few. It’s time to say goodbye to your legacy systems and update your brand with cloud-based software solutions.

Whitepaper: Cloud POS: Trending Now at Fast Casuals & QSRs



Cloud POS trending

Choosing the Right POS System eBook



The Mobility Age



When choosing a new POS system, business owners should embrace mobile innovation to enrich their guest experience and increase profitability.


At PAR we offer a variety of tablets in two form factors to embrace mobility; 8 inch and 10 inch – and each are built with the durability and rugged design needed for harsh restaurant environments.


When choosing new restaurant technology, reviewing the IP rating is essential. IP levels are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies and moisture.


PAR tablets are rated IP65. Refer to the IP diagram to analyze the meaning of each number, and pay attention to your technology’s rating. How durable is your device? What would result if your hardware breaks in the middle of the lunch rush, or with the busy weekend dinner crowd? How will this effect both your profit and the overall customer experience?

IP Rating Chart

With PAR tablets our customers will transform their overall experience in several ways:


Mobile/Table POS This tablet function allows for mobile payment, quicker table turnovers, upselling opportunities, as an increase in overall efficiency as orders are sent directly from the table to the kitchen, and allows the serving staff to spend more time with the guests.

Table Management

  • The tablet can be used as a portable and valuable tool for the server- they now carry all food information at their fingertips; the list of recipe ingredients, cooking specifications etc. This can be extremely beneficial when guests have allergies, or special diet restrictions.
  • The tablet can also remain “fixed” on the table, and serve as an interactive menu for the customer to utilize.
  • The host/hostess can display a diagram of the dining room on the tablet, and use for table availability and reservations- replacing a seating chart or reservations book.

Store/Inventory Management

The restaurant/store managers can use the tablet for employee scheduling, the back office computer, and an inventory of ingredients and restaurant materials.

Line Busting & Queue Busting

Using a mobile device in this way increases overall efficiency by giving managers and staff the opportunity to take orders from customers while they are waiting in line during peak hours, and also speeds up the check-out process. Guests can decrease their wait time, and this function ensures quick and efficient turnover for those guests that need to dine with a sense of urgency.

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Tablets can provide limitless personalized suggestions to enhance the guest dining or shopping experience. This function can provide wine/food pairings, suggestive upselling such as recommending a dessert or appetizer, can contain videos, narratives, clips, and an interactive wine/beer list to name a few.

Mobility has wholeheartedly consumed our culture. Consumer desire for attraction, appeal and convenience continues to increase at an extraordinary pace. The Millennial and Generation Z consumers aren’t simply satisfied with a tasty meal- they desire an environment and brand centered around relationship building. Dining is linked with socialization in the minds of the current generations- whether it be socializing with friends and family, or leveraging social media outlets and technology to enrich their experiences. “Technology advancement in the foodservice industry occurs as an answer to changes in consumer expectations, and these expectations will only increase as Millennials and Generation Z grow older.5

It is more vital than ever to listen to the demands of consumers in order to increase overall performance and profitability. Restaurants and businesses that refuse to keep up with mobility market trends and consumer requests will become obsolete.

Cost will undoubtedly play a huge role when choosing a new point of sale system for your business. Another benefit of selecting mobile devices is affordability. Most mobile point of sale solutions are priced lower than traditional legacy systems, and are extremely user-friendly; resulting in savings on employee training time.

In many ways, mobility has re-written the rules of point of sale systems. Business owners are forced to embrace this paradigm shift in restaurant technology in order to create and sustain a lucrative restaurant. Many restaurants have already adopted handheld point of sale devices, and by 2018, the sales of handheld POS devices are projected to reach 3.1 billion dollars.6 Mobility is here to stay, and the sooner restaurants deploy the appropriate technology, the better.



5. Technomic Inc., Food Service Digest, November 2016 edition, pg. 2
6. Winter Green Research.

According to Restaurant Technology in 2016 Industry Report:



79% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience.



68% of diners agree that server handheld tablets improve their guest experience.



Restaurant operators are have increased the use of mainstream technology in their businesses by 14%.



83% of adults use smartphones or tablets to look up restaurant locations, directions, and hours.

  • 75% look up menus.
  • 55% read reviews.
  • 51% order takeout or delivery directly from the restaurant website.



Four in five restaurant operators agree that restaurant technology helps increase sales, makes their restaurant more productive, and gives their restaurant a competitive edge.

Whitepaper: Tablet Computing Solutions for Service Businesses

Choosing the Right POS System eBook



The Truth Behind the Hardware



Whether you are opening a brand-new business, or upgrading your hardware at an existing location, choosing the right POS system is a massive decision, one not to be weighed lightly.


When shopping around the various options, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Perform adequate research and be prepared to ask the right questions. While consumers can become easily distracted by the current market trends, fancy gimmicks, and one hit technology wonders, it is imperative to determine what you actually need to run your business.


When selecting a new POS system,
contemplate the following:

Technical specifications

What do all the fancy acronyms mean, and how do they influence your profit? Which technical specifications directly correlate to your business goals and support your pain points? How many GB of memory do you need? Do you want a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid-state drive (SSD), and how much storage do you need? Do you want a resistive or projective capacitive touchscreen?


Traditional legacy POS packages traditionally require more memory, a higher performance CPU and a larger hard drive since the front of house, back of house, and POS databases may reside on the terminal. More modern POS systems, like PAR’s Brink cloud-based POS, have fewer requirements for the hardware itself, as most of the processing requirements are loaded into the cloud, making the application that resides on the machine much less dependent upon the CPU and memory. PAR’s EverServ® 8100 or EverServ® 550 are great choices to consider in
this situation, based on your business needs.


Touchscreen technology is another important aspect to consider when choosing a new POS system, and is based on personal preference and POS functionality. Projective Capacitive (PCAP) is a popular choice, and is the same type of glass used on smartphones. The other common selection is Resistive Capacitive. Both types of restaurant technology have their advantages and disadvantages.








POS Hardware - EverServ 8300

Advantages of PCAP Touchscreen:

  • Offers multi-touch capabilities
  • Offers protective shielding and longer lifecycle
  • Supports drag and drop/various gesture movements
  • Contains strong touch accuracy
  • Superior image quality

Disadvantages of PCAP Touchscreen:

  • Does not work if the user is wearing gloves
  • More expensive
  • Glass is more prone to breaking

Advantages of Resistive Touchscreen

  • More cost-effective
  • High resistance to dust and water
  • Best used with a finger, gloved hand or stylus

Disadvantages of Resistive Touchscreen

  • User must press down harder to use
  • Poor contrast
  • Does not support multi-touch

Customer displays are the next thing to consider. What size display are you looking to use with your guests?

Some customer displays simply show item descriptions and price, as well as tax and total cost in a text format. Graphical displays allow you to display advertising, as well as show a running order that can be used for order confirmation and order accuracy. Again, which features best suit your business needs and environment?


PAR Hardware Assorted Terminals - Thank You


A restaurant can be a harsh place in terms of housing technology. Think grease, spillage, weather….not to mention dozens of employees manhandling your devices on a daily basis. What is the IP rating of a product? Can it still function properly if it’s dropped? Is it waterproof? A purpose-built point of sale system is designed for the extreme conditions of the restaurant environment.

Ease of Use

It’s important to consider if your new POS system will be easy to use or not. Will you and your staff be able to quickly learn and adapt to the new hardware? Training employees can be lengthy and costly, so look for technology that is simple to implement.


Your hardware needs to “fit” into your environment, and align with the ambiance of your atmosphere. Does your restaurant have a modern and sleek feel to it? When choosing a new POS system, your new unit should complement and harmonize with your entire brand, not clash with it. Many companies are trading in their bulky and unattractive legacy systems and replacing them for eye-catching and appealing cloud-based solutions. Do you want your POS to create a barrier between you and your customer, or create an intrapersonal and inviting atmosphere? Remember, even aesthetics contribute to overall customer satisfaction.

Industry Experience

Research the providers you are considering. How long have they been in the business? How successful are they in the industry? What is the mission and vision of the brand and products? PAR Technology is honored to offer nearly 40 years of hardware design experience, and proudly showcases restaurant POS systems in more than 75,000 restaurants in more than 110 countries worldwide. Since your new point of sale system is a long-term purchase, make sure the supplier has the reputation and long-standing experience to support you and your business needs, long after the purchase is made.


Your hardware needs to “fit” into your environment, and align with the ambiance of your atmosphere. Does your restaurant have a modern and sleek feel to it? When choosing a new POS system, your new unit should complement and harmonize with your entire brand, not clash with it. Many companies are trading in their bulky and unattractive legacy systems and replacing them for eye-catching and appealing cloud-based solutions. Do you want your POS to create a barrier between you and your customer, or create an intrapersonal and inviting atmosphere? Remember, even aesthetics contribute to overall customer satisfaction.

Industry Experience

Research the providers you are considering. How long have they been in the business? How successful are they in the industry? What is the mission and vision of the brand and products? PAR Technology is honored to offer nearly 40 years of hardware design experience, and proudly showcases restaurant POS systems in more than 75,000 restaurants in more than 110 countries worldwide. Since your new point of sale system is a long-term purchase, make sure the supplier has the reputation and long-standing experience to support you and your business needs, long after the purchase is made.

Support Services

No matter how “top-notch” your new POS platform is, eventually the need for service of your POS solution will arise. How do you solve it? Be sure to thoroughly investigate potential warranties and service support agreements. You don’t want surprises when you have a problem that is affecting your ability to serve your customers. At PAR, we offer a multitude of services to complement your POS system.


Be sure to look at the lifecycle of your new point of sale. Is the technology and the operating system at the beginning, middle or end of its life? Will your POS solution be serviced and updated throughout the committed lifecycle? This should include not only hardware, but security patches and updates to the operating system as well. What type of technology is your potential vendor providing? For example, a plethora of current POS companies on the market currently offer consumer-grade tablets as mobile POS options. These devices are similar to your smartphone, and will need to be replaced or upgraded every two years. Do you want to refresh your point of sale every two years?

Future Business Needs

Planning for the future is also something to consider when reviewing hardware options. Thinking about your current needs, yet simultaneously setting your business up for success in an industry amassed with revolving changes, trends and transformations is also advisable. Look for a company that offers technology equipped to handle the variations and fluxes of the restaurant industry to avoid purchasing new hardware each time a change occurs. This will allow your business to remain compliant, and keep your budget intact.


At PAR, our EverServ® 8000 Series is built with a design to endure future potential industry changes and requirements. Is your device EMV compliant? Do you need to attach a scanner? Perhaps utilize a Pop-Up banner display to endorse promotions? The modularity of the design of the EverServ® 8000 portfolio allows for longer time between upgrades, and additional hardware, accessories and/or peripherals needed to remain industry compliant can be easily attached or swapped out.

PAR EverServ 8000 using PixelPoint

Choosing the Right POS System eBook



The Benefits of Having a “One-Stop Shop”



Point of sale solutions are no longer simple registers used for accepting cash and emitting change. Today, point of sale systems are modern, well-built, integrated solutions that benefit restaurants and retailers in numerous ways. It’s important to find an all-in-one POS solution that can meet all your needs and help take your business to the next level.


Are you planning on purchasing your hardware, software, and services from the same company? This can certainly reduce the stress and burden of juggling multiple providers, especially when issues arise. Working with one organization to fix problems and address concerns provides business owners with the peace of mind that their hardware, software and services have all been optimized to work together.

POS Hardware


A POS solution starts with its hardware – the physical framework that sets you up for success.


It’s important to make sure your POS hardware is sturdy, durable, and rugged enough to withstand the harsh realities of your restaurant environment.


Your hardware should also align with, and compliment your POS software. Having POS hardware and software that are in sync, is the first step in building a fluent POS system.

POS Software


Restaurant owners rely on POS software applications to help achieve their goals. These features help create an optimal guest experience, allow business owners to access reports in real-time, and allow for menu changes to be made instantaneously.


At PAR, we understand that the data gathered from point of sale software can aid managers and business owners in making vital decisions that lead to heightened efficiencies and greater profit.


As customer needs change, restaurant operators are continuing to enhance and expand their customer interaction capabilities to adapt to the evolving dining environment. By working closely with integration partners, PAR provides innovative solutions to your business, while improving customer support and reducing the total cost of ownership of your solution.

PAR is proud to offer an extensive ecosystem of integration partners to complement our Brink cloud-based POS Solution for:


 Extensive ecosystem of integration partners to complement Brink cloud-based POS Solution chart


POS Services

When choosing a new POS system, business owners must not overlook the importance of the services needed to deploy and implement their new hardware and software platforms. Another enormous benefit of using a “one-stop-shop” for all your POS needs, is the fact that services can be built into your package as well. Be sure to thoroughly research service programs. At PAR, our experts walk our valued customers through our services roadmap to customize your plan based on your business needs.


PAR is proud to offer solutions that include software, hardware and service options to support the needs of every individual customer. Project Management, Solutions Delivery Services, and Deployment Services teams create a tailored plan for customers, and as a PAR customer, you are offered renewable software maintenance programs, and flexible hardware maintenance service options to maintain your POS system.


Every customer has the opportunity to choose the level of service that suits their individual operation, location, and equipment spectrum. Whether you choose from our on-site Field Service, Advanced Exchange, Depot Repair, or Remote Care options, PAR’s service is unmatched in the industry.


Barista making coffee in a cafe

When examining service options, use the following roadmap as a guide:

Discovery and Planning when Onboarding
New Customer or Project

  • Project established, dedicated team assigned
  • Project milestones defined
  • Scope of work defined
  • Development and Lab
    Customer Lab established and training conducted
  • Loyalty, menu, online and mobile ordering configured
  • Customer reviews to refine your new system to your unique business processes

Finalize Preparations

  • Manage hardware and shipping logistics
  • Communicate plans with integration partners
  • All systems are staged with software

Installation & Verification

  • Deployment specialists will install, set up & verify solutions
    • Site preparation & surveys
    • Configuration build-up
    • On-site installation
    • Verification testing
    • De-installation of old equipment
    • Cable research/cable certifications
    • Permit procurement





On-Going Support

  • Support Center
    • Open 24×7, 365 days a year
    • Expert troubleshooting by customized specialists
    • Remote diagnostic abilities
    • Service Account Management
    • Resource for any account issues
    • Builds a relationship with your team
    • Develops a detailed understanding of your operations
    • Proactive customer service

Depot Repair & Advance Exchange

  • Depot repair is mail-in repair service
  • Advance exchange is a guaranteed next day delivery of replacement equipment

Field Service

  • On-site service
  • Minimizes downtime and business disruptions
  • Mobile resources
  • Arrive on site with a fully equipped van stocked with a complete inventory

Regardless of your restaurant needs, size, and goals, your services should be customized and built around your hardware and software systems. Working with one organization eliminates the aggravations that can potentially occur when trying to communicate and manage various providers to fix your POS related problems when they arise.


Blog: Best Practices In POS Deployment

Choosing the Right POS System eBook



How to Maximize the Return on Your Investment



Choosing a new POS system is a significant investment. With countless options on the market today, it’s imperative to determine not only that the hardware and software align with your business goals, but that the associated cost and various payment programs align with your financial situation as well.


New market trends have arisen presenting both hardware and software as a “service” to invest in. Many providers are offering both HaaS, or hardware as a service plans, and SaaS, or software as a service plans. While the upfront cost and overhead of opening a new business, or updating a current one can be considerably pricey, these types of plans allow business owners to “pay as they go”. SaaS is a software licensing model in which the software is licensed on a monthly subscription basis, while HaaS is a hardware delivery model where the hardware cost is also broken down into monthly payments.


These new investment models are a notable way to soften the immediate expenses needed, and enable business owners the opportunity to budget accordingly, and eliminate some of the hefty start-up costs. Here at PAR, our experienced teams work closely with customers to determine which hardware, software and services deliver the features and functionality you need for optimal results in your operations, yet are still affordable and compatible with potential future developments needed to remain compliant with the industry.

POS Hardware

The amount of hardware needed will directly correlate to the size of your business. Are you operating a single store? Are you the owner of multiple fast-casual or quick-serve restaurants? This determines the complexity of your hardware portfolio. Perhaps you need an assortment of tablets and terminals supported by a variety of peripherals and accessories; including cash drawers, printers, kitchen video systems, bump bars, scanners, drive-thru cameras, biometric readers, and magnetic stripe readers to name a few.


POS Software

Once you’ve made the decision of which hardware to invest in, it’s time to review software options. Software can either be invested in on an annual basis, by paying a one-time perpetual licensing fee, or through the SaaS monthly subscription model. Be sure to find out if upgrades and support costs are built into the annual or monthly fees.


When it comes to services, identify if technical support, training, education services or installation costs are built into your new POS package. While choosing a new POS, working with a skilled deployment team to walk you through the self-install process, or install and set-up the technology for you is an important part of your investment. Ask questions. Do they have onsite service? Do they offer training classes? Do they have regular partner conferences or user group meetings? What are their service license agreements rated?


Be sure to align yourself with the right vendor. Having a trusted team of experts for menu configuration, product management and help desk support can help ease the mind of business owners when it comes to making such a large and meaningful purchase.

Credit Card Processing

In our society today, accepting credit and debit cards is an absolute must. By only accepting cash or check, businesses are eliminating a lifestyle choice and market trend that the majority of consumers have adapted to. The days of cash only businesses are long gone; don’t let your business follow suit by not integrating credit card processing. In order to process credit and debit card transactions, it’s important to keep EMV compliance in mind while choosing a device and merchant account to partner with. While you’ll most likely pay a monthly credit card processing fee, accepting all forms of payment to keep your business open to all financial avenues is well worth it.


Integrations is a significant factor of your ROI. While many features are built into PAR Brink cloud-based POS software, some third-party integrations might be needed to fill in the cracks of your business model to provide your guests with the ultimate dining experience. Solid integration, both core systems and third-party enhancements, allows you the agility and flexibility to select the best customer-facing solutions for your business and your budget, and are then easily integrated into your POS. Your business will have the ability to continually deliver the innovations your customers need and the data integration and visibility your operation demands.7

Risk and Reward

Another important aspect to consider when calculating your ROI and reviewing your investment, is the financial risk vs. the financial reward.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much risk is involved?
  • What is the potential reward?
  • How much will I spend vs. how much profit can I potentially make?
  • Will my investment continue to grow over time?
  • Is my vendor credible? Do they have a longstanding reputation in the industry?
  • Is the business losing money due to a decision NOT being made?

By addressing your investment in each category discussed, you are sure to have a much better grasp on how to choose a new POS system that supports your financial situation and your business goals and objectives.

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Choosing the Right POS System eBook



Our Recommendations



PAR Technology offers complete software, hardware, and service solutions for the full spectrum of restaurant operations, from large chain, independent table service restaurants to quick-service chains around the world; and has been a leading global provider in the industry for nearly 40 years.


Our dedicated team members work with customers to customize and configure a flexible package suited to each customer’s specific market tier and business needs. PAR is proud to supply our customers with a full offering. Our team members create long-standing personal relationships with our customers, engaging them every step of the way.


Our success can be attributed to our strategic decision making, and a mission centered around bringing innovation to the industry. We believe that this approach is what makes PAR the industry leader, as it results in seamless services to the end-user and establishes lines of accountability with our customers. This organizational approach enhances the customer experience and results in an unobstructed path to problem resolution.

POS Software

Our Brink POS software is a pioneer in cloud-based solutions. Adopting the PAR SaaS, or Software as a Service model, Brink POS is provided as a monthly subscription, and will proudly earn your business every month. There are no upfront licensing fees, and upgrades are included and performed automatically. With features like loyalty, online & mobile ordering, kitchen video system, and labor-management built into the POS, you get a truly seamless solution driving a powerful customer experience.


PAR Brink POS is designed for the cloud and works on PAR EverServ terminals

Brink POS Software Features and Benefits:


Let us earn your business EVERY month

  • One low monthly payment
  • No large up-front software license fees
  • Upgrades are included and automatic

Cloud Solution

PAR hosts your data, so you don’t have to

  • Data is safe, secure and accessible in the cloud
  • No back office server required
  • Save space and keep your managers on the floor with your staff and customers
  • Brink POS will continue to operate in “offline” mode when internet connection is lost

Built-in Online & Mobile Ordering

Seamlessly take your customers from Mobile to Table

  • Manage your digital menu off the same database as your POS
  • Easy enterprise-wide menu management
  • Orders sent directly to the kitchen
  • Credit and Gift Card Processing
  • Seamless loyalty integration


Multi-Unit Management

  • Menu management and consolidated reporting available across multiple units
  • Data available in real-time, from anywhere you have internet access
  • Setup your menu once and filter down as needed in real-time


Labor Management

Real-time Employee Management

  • Time & attendance for employees
  • Payroll Integrations allow for effortless payroll processing
  • Labor Scheduling to assign shifts and easily see labor distribution
  • Labor Cost Reporting for real-time access to labor cost and labor v. sales percentage



Built-in Loyalty

Turn first-time buyers into fans

  • Engage your customers in a relevant and personal way
  • Available in-store, online or mobile at any location
  • Design promotions that are relevant and personal
  • Automatic emails and guest surveys
  • Centrally configure your promotions and deploy brand-wide, instantly
  • Real-time access to analytics

Enterprise Reporting

Powerful Reporting to Manage Your Business

  • Easily manage and generate reports for one or multiple locations
  • Access to reports in real-time, wherever you have internet access
  • Automated report scheduling
  • Over 150 reports available: Sales, labor, kitchen performance and more

Brink POS Kitchen Video

For efficient kitchen operations

  • Orders are sent immediately to the kitchen from wherever they are being placed (counter, drive-thru, online, mobile)
  • Eliminate the need for kitchen printers and costly printer paper
  • Reporting functions provide real-time visibility into kitchen operation efficiency
  • Order display is configurable to fit your kitchen operations,


Brink POS Payment and Gift Cards

Limitless payment options

  • Brink POS supports most major credit & gift card processors
  • Gift cards can be redeemed both in-store and online
  • PA-DSS Certified by the PCI Security Council
  • Brink POS supports EMV


Brink POS Integrations

Plays well with others

  • Brink POS’ cloud-based, open architecture design makes 3rd party integrations simple and quick
  • With the nearly 40 years in the restaurant, technology world, we’ve made a lot of friends

POS Hardware

With restaurant point of sale hardware in more than 75,000 restaurants in more than 110 countries worldwide, PAR is redefining restaurant POS hardware with technologically advanced powerful, durable and flexible designs. We provide technology solutions for a wide range of operations; from independent table service restaurants to international QSR chains and more. PAR offers a rich hardware portfolio consisting of POS terminals, Enterprise-grade tablets, accessories and peripherals for your business.

PAR Hardware Assorted Terminals - Thank You

PAR All In One: PAR EverServ 8000 TerminalThe EverServ® 8000 Series

The PAR EverServ® 8000 is designed to enhance guest experiences through unique ergonomic positioning, and maximize power and performance using the newest Intel technology. PAR’s sophisticated platform is offered in three models: 8100, 8300 and the 8500, and all are fully customizable. The modularity of the design protects your business from future upgrade and industry changes, and allows the terminal to quickly transform and adapt to your business environment, your staff, and each individual customer. The longer product lifecycle of our product leads to higher system performance for your business, a decrease in your customer wait times, and an increase in overall profitability. The elegant, yet industrial design is built to withstand the harsh realities of the restaurant environment.



EverServ 8000 Multi



EverServ 500 BrinkThe EverServ® 550

The PAR EverServ® 550 is a compact, reliable, and economical workhorse with a space-saving design and a low total cost of ownership. The EverServ® 550 POS hardware is built with the same rugged durability PAR is known for, but in a compact design that delivers the performance and reliability you need in your business. The small footprint is ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The design offers a spill-resistant, high-impact enclosure that is built to withstand tough restaurant conditions with continuous operation. The EverServ® 550’s fan-less design is quiet, offers less power consumption and minimizes maintenance.


EverServ 550 Multi



EverServ® Tablets

Embrace mobility with the PAR Tablet family. The PAR Tablet family is ultimately a mobile POS system; a collection of Enterprise-grade POS tablets, peripherals and accessories designed and optimized for your environment. The Tablets feature the optimal combination of specifications to meet the needs of your operation. Whether you are looking to extend your POS platform, enhance customer experience, or improve the efficiency of your operations, PAR offers the perfect solutions for your business. All PAR Tablets are IP65 rated, with the durability and elegance your environment demands. Choose from two form factors, the PAR Tablet 10” and the PAR Tablet 8”, both easily held in one hand for the perfect balance of size and reliability.


EverServ Tablets



EverServ® Tablet Family Specs & Features


PAR All-In-One: PAR TabletEverServ Tablet Family Specs & Features

Tablet Peripherals & Accessories

Optimized POS docking platform for PAR Tablet 10 and PAR Tablet 8, also offers additional expansion ports.






PAR Tablet POS

Optimized POS docking platform for
PAR Tablet 10 and PAR Tablet 8, also
offers additional expansion ports.


Easily remain EMV compliant by adding this insert into the back of your PAR Tablet. Supports Verifone e355 and Ingenico iCMP





EMV Back

Easily remain EMV compliant by adding this
insert into the back of your PAR Tablet.
Supports Verifone e355 and Ingenico iCMP.


Ruggedized case for the PAR Tablet 8, which increases durability and adds protection from drops up to 6 feet.





Tablet Shield

Ruggedized case for the PAR Tablet 8,
which increases durability and adds
protection from drops up to 6 feet.






Optimized POS docking platform for PAR Tablet 10 and PAR Tablet 8, also offers additional expansion ports.





Quad Tablet Charger

Designed for the implementation of
multiple tablets into your business – charge
up to 4 of any PAR tablets at the same time.


Easily remain EMV compliant by adding this insert into the back of your PAR Tablet. Supports Verifone e355 and Ingenico iCMP





EMV MSR (Magnetic Strip Reader)
Smart Back Cover

The MSR supports encrypted transactions for
secure payments and support for loyalty cards.


Ruggedized case for the PAR Tablet 8, which increases durability and adds protection from drops up to 6 feet.






Neck and wrist straps are available for true
product mobility and added security.






Provides battery charging for PAR Tablets 5, 8 & 10. *Can Support Tablet 8 With Tablet Shield





Charging Cradles

Provides battery charging for PAR
Tablets 5, 8 & 10.
*Can Support Tablet 8 With Tablet Shield


3 Inch Ultra Rugged Mobile Printer, can attach to belt.





Bluetooth Wireless Printer

3 Inch Ultra Rugged Mobile
Printer, can attach to belt.

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Based on your hardware and software needs, PAR is proud to offer services to perfectly complement your new POS system. When choosing a new POS system for your business, contact PAR today!