PAR Brink POS… The Adventures of Mr. BrinkTastic!

PAR Brink POS Presents…

The Adventures of Mr. BrinkTastic!
Redefining your Restaurant Starting with the Point of Sale!

Restaurant Technology is changing, since the industry is continuously evolving.

Brink POS is the only point of sale platform that combines a complete suite of software applications with a reliable hardware and services portfolio that your growing restaurant demands; all creating a seamless & enhanced experience for both the operator and your guests!

It’s time to leave behind legacy technology and unleash your true potential!!

• Complete suite of cloud software applications.

• Plays best with PAR EverServ Terminals and Peripherals, but is also hardware agnostic.

• Combine forces with other powerful allies, including PARPay, Remote Care and Customer Success.

• Fully customizable to fit the needs of your business now and in the future.


• Allows partners to integrate seamlessly with PAR.

• Freedom of choice: select the partners that will help you grow!

• A constantly changing landscape means new products can be integrated with Brink as needs arise.


• Find what you need when you need it; data is accessible from anywhere in real time.

• Track consumer behavior and sales trends. Analyze popular menu items and peak times; allowing for better staffing and inventory decisions.

• Maximize visibility into all locations.


• Built for the Enterprise, yet flexible enough for the independent restaurant owner.

• Supports rapid rollout with minimal friction. Make menu changes on the fly.

• Update your menu once across all locations.


• Grants maximum visibility into each and every location.

• Increase reliability, eliminate redundancy and susceptibility to outages.

• Free up space in the back office by storing everything in the cloud.

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