Manage Your Restaurant From Anywhere

 Remotely control your environment and increase the security of your operation.

PAR 8300 with peripherals

Gain Insight into Your Restaurant with Remote Monitoring of Your IT Infrastructure.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with our Brink Remote Management Service.

  • Ensure your terminals and devices are operating at peak performance.  
  • Initiate proactive repairs and system audits.
  • Automation of maintenance tasks.
  • Serves as an additional layer of technical support.
  • PAR-hosted SaaS service offering.

PAR Remote Management Infographic


Our remote management service monitors your POS terminals, manager workstations, and other network devices to maintain and ensure a secure and reliable system with maximum up-time.

Proactive Resolutions for Your Restaurant

Secure Authentication, Patch Management & Anti-Virus Protection.

  • Automatic alerts are sent to IT staff or the PAR Help Desk before issues arise. 
  • Enables aspects of PCI compliance.  
  • Microsoft Windows operating system updates automatically and are applied directly. 
  • Guarantees that connections to all systems and applications are secure.
  • With Brink’s Remote Management program, each customer has the option of installing an Enterprise managed network system.
A happy employee standing with her arms folded.
Happy user sitting outside on her computer.

Keep your POS System Running at Peak Performance.

Customer Service and Support: Getting the Most Out of Your POS System.

Customer service plays an integral role when it comes to buying, implementing and maintaining a restaurant POS system. While some people might believe the process ends once the POS system has been installed, this is only one of many touch points along the buyer’s journey.