Brink Online & Mobile Ordering

Where Technology Creates Convenience.

Smiling restaurant employee

Integrate Your Technology into the Dining Experience.

• Automatically scales from desktop to mobile on any browser.
• Orders placed online are automatically sent to the kitchen.
• Create a new stream of revenue, with a greater, average check size.
• Increase efficiency and eliminate errors.

Create Convenience for Consumers.

  • Eliminate their need to wait in line.
  • Enhance your brand’s social presence from positive guest reviews and social media posts.
  • Increase their visibility into their custom orders so they can view special requests and substitutions.
  • Create ambassadors of your brand!
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Smartphone Being Used to Make a Mobile Payment

Easy to Use & Implement

• Promote mobile ordering during non-peak hours to boost sales.
• No need to download an app.
• Your menu only needs to be set up once.
• Economically friendly compared to other vendors.


To Be or Not To Be … On These 3rd Party Online Ordering Platforms

So many choices! So many platforms available.

So, what should the operators do? Should they choose one and just stick with them?

This will definitely give them better rates with that specific service provider as they value exclusivity, but what about the revenue they are going to lose out by not being available on the other platforms?

"The Best Fit For Our Business"

"Our partner, BMC-POS, assisted in determining that Brink is the best fit for our business. Having a franchise based business, it is important to us that all of our franchisees are pleased with the software in place so they can effectively run their restaurant and provide the best service to their guests. With Brink fully implemented, we can now add online ordering for our customers, which has created a whole new revenue stream for our restaurants. The ability to pull more accurate live data has also allowed us to better monitor the business and plan for the future."

- Ray Wiley

CEO, Hot Head Burrito’s