Brink KDS/Kitchen Solution

Delight Your Guests One Dish at a Time

KDS Monitor - PAR Technology

Unite Your Front & Back of the House

Allow your chefs and serving staff to work together.

  • Improve the overall efficiency of your restaurant by increasing the communication between the front and back of the house with this native built-in feature of Brink POS software.
  • Streamline your operation and your staff!
  • A reduction in mistakes between staff results in decreased food and inventory costs.

Beneficial for all Restaurant Types

Leveraging the Brink Kitchen Display System has a multitude of perks.

  • This Enterprise-ready feature benefits small independent operations, QSRs, Fast Casuals, and everything in between.
  • Gain increased visibility into your restaurant operation.
  • Provide the optimal guest experience and satisfy consumers with correct dishes, proper meal pacing, and a reduction in mistakes!
Chef in the kitchen sending out food

How The Kitchen Display System Can Improve Your Restaurant

What’s all the buzz about?

If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ve probably heard of the kitchen display system. But what is it, and how could it improve your restaurant? 


"It Allowed For A Better Flow & A More Natural Experience"

"Having one platform that we can use with multiple concepts and get the best experience for the employees at those restaurants is probably one of the most powerful features. It allowed for a better flow and a more natural experience for that interaction between the guest and employee taking the order."

- Brian Anderson

Director of Technology, Modern Restaurant Concepts