Cloud POS Software Designed For Your Restaurant

With its cloud-based architecture, Brink POS increases awareness and creates an element of control for restaurant owners, operators, and franchisees.

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Brink POS: Your Restaurant's Solution Has Arrived

It’s time to Unleash Your True Potential:

  • No connection? No problem! Rest assured that if connectivity issues arise, Brink POS can operate offline.
  • Automatic updates allow your technology to evolve to support the current trends.
  • Ability to publish enhancements as the restaurant industry changes. 
  • Built to navigate and aggregate your Data quickly, in order to analyze guest buying behaviors and market accordingly. 
  • Menu updates/menu configurations can occur anywhere, across all locations. 
  • More cost efficient than Legacy systems. 
Why Choose the Cloud Infographic

Flexible Enough to Support the Changing Needs of of Your Operation.

Adopting Cloud technology offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Automatic software updates 
  • New features designed as the industry evolves 
  • Remote Management  
  • Anywhere access to analytics and data, available in real-time
  • Streamlined user interfaces
  • Specialized workflows
  • API Integrations
  • Increased security 
  • Unlimited storage 
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PAR Brink POS Remote Management

What Is a Cloud-Based Point of Sale System?

Why does it matter?

Whether you’re a small chain restaurant with only a few locations or a large-scale quick service eatery with thousands of franchisees, having a reliable and agile point of sale system in place can make a huge difference.

"The Software is Easy to Use, and Well-Designed"

"Brink POS is a cloud-based platform, which runs on a variety of devices. Further, it does not rely on an in-house server, so if your main computer goes down, your registers will still operate. The software is easy to use, and well-designed. It is optimized for touch. The POS system can be updated easily, and boot times are generally much quicker"

- Valued Customer

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