Have you been burned by your current restaurant POS software?

Maybe it’s time to switch to Brink POS instead.

Point of Sale Software Just For You

Built with your concept in mind, PAR’s Brink POS software is agile enough for small businesses but powerful enough to accommodate multi-unit chains.

Every restaurant is different, and so are their business needs. From online ordering and inventory management to real-time analytics and loyalty programs, Brink POS can do it all. Increase sales and delight customers in new ways using one of the most innovative and intuitive restaurant point of sale systems available.



Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

Brink POS features a variety of native programs and functions like gift cards and customer loyalty programs, but when combined with the power of our open API owners and managers have unprecedented control over daily operations. Boasting more than 100 integration partners, operators can easily build customer relationships, curate customer profiles, handle employee management and track inventory without relying on outdated methods.


Service on Your Schedule

Anytime, anywhere. From onboarding and set up to service repair, PAR’s Help Desk is available year-round. Our team of experienced professionals will quickly figure out what’s wrong and work tirelessly to make it right.

From Customers to Raving Fans

Everything you need to delight your fans and grow your business, all at your fingertips. Our cloud-based restaurant POS system works even when the system is offline, so you don’t have to miss a beat.


World-Class Hardware

Brink works best when combined with PAR’s suite of durable touch screen POS hardware, kitchen display systems (KDS) and peripherals, including cash drawers, card readers, receipt printers and scanners. Our one-stop-shop approach allows you to build your complete POS solution quickly.

"The Software is Easy to Use and Well-Designed"

“Brink POS is a cloud-based platform, which runs on a variety of devices. Further, it does not rely on an in-house server, so if your main computer goes down, your registers will still operate. The software is easy to use and well-designed. It is optimized for touch. The POS system can be updated easily, and boot times are generally much quicker.”

– Valued Customer

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