You’re Not as Backed Up as You Think You Are

We have not been in this industry for a very long time, but we have learned some valuable insights while working with our clients.

When we started out integrating 3rd party online ordering platforms, we usually saw clients accepting orders from 1 or 2 different platforms. Now, almost 20 months into this business we are seeing the same client accept orders from 4, even 5 different platforms! This was stunning to us and we spoke to a few clients to learn more about this change in behavior.

When we had spoken with these same operators 2 years ago, they had said they did not have any more capacity and could not accept any more orders. Now they were on 5 different platforms! What changed?

2019 Restaurant Technology Trends ReportTo understand this better, visualizing the order flow will help. Without our integration, the order placed by the customer would first land at the front of house counter. Here, a staff member would manually accept the order on the tablet of the respective platform, eg. UberEats, then enter it manually into the restaurant POS. From here, the order would then fire in the kitchen and get prepped.

With our integration, the order is automatically accepted, entered in the restaurant POS and sent directly to the kitchen display system in the same format as all other tickets.

So, what changed? They still had to make the food, right?

We learned from the operators that they realized that they always had available capacity in the kitchen, but the main bottleneck was at the front of the house. That is where they were getting overwhelmed.

We learned that before, they did accept orders from 4-5 different platforms but had to narrow it down to 2 because they were not being able to keep up at the front of the house. The staff had to manually accept and enter orders from multiple tablets, which was extremely chaotic.

When this manual process was removed, and all tickets started printing out directly in the kitchen display system, they realized they could add back all the online ordering platforms as they were able to increase their revenue without increasing the operational burden and costs. They were also able to utilize the excess capacity in the kitchen.

This was a great learning point for us, both in terms of our business as well as in everyday life. We realized we were helping automate an aspect of this fast growing delivery business, but looking at it from a bird’s eye view, it also helped us learn that we have to make an effort to identify where the bottlenecks truly are. We are all overwhelmed and have too many things going on, but if we identify the critical areas where we are bottlenecked and work on resolving them, it will substantially help improve the quality of our lives AND business.

Check out our video to see how Checkmate works!

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