Why Social Media is Essential to your Restaurant’s Success

In PAR Technology’s 2019 Restaurant Trends Report, social media has been identified as one of the most influential trends that will continue to affect the restaurant industry.

Social media platforms have become a driving force in the restaurant industry. A recent report in the New York Times shows that 72% of consumers use Facebook to make restaurant and food-related decisions based on comments and images shared by others.

The desire for customers to connect with each other through social networks is thriving, and it’s time for restaurants to take advantage of the numerous benefits they can offer and bring to brands.

Social media has now become the secret marketing weapon for restaurants.

2019 Restaurant Technology Trends Report

Selling food isn’t enough in this day in age – restaurants need to sell experiences instead. For many consumers, social media platforms are a way to share their dining experience with their friends and broader online community.

Each time a guest posts a photo of a dining experience or dish, society and the “digital world” can convert to followers, potentially leading to new customers! Check out the top 7 social media trends, identified by SproutSocial.

Benefits of Utilizing Social Media in your Restaurant:

  • It’s free!The cost of creating a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account for your business comes at no cost to you. Create loyal fans, and enjoy positive reviews, comments and “likes” on social media platforms to grow your fan base.
  • Increase Revenue through Promotions:Many restaurants have started offering promotions or discounts via social media avenues. Reward your customers for liking and following your page or account. Again, what’s better than free advertisement that brings in business?
  • Social Media Creates an “Experience”:Selling your food isn’t enough this day in age- restaurants need to sell experiences instead. For many consumers, social media platforms are a way to share their dining experience with the online community. Each time a guest posts a photo off your delicious looking dishes, this allows your brand to impact the way society views your product.
  • Expand your Customer Base: The more content you post on social media, the more opportunities you create for a new customer to notice your posts and photos of your food and menu specials. A greater amount of content generates a greater amount of interest, which leads to more conversions, thus NEW customers!
  • Promote Trust and Loyalty of your Brand: Consumers appreciate reviews of your brand- the good, the bad and the ugly. Allowing guests to post reviews on social media platforms promotes and suggests transparency and trust of your brand. With restaurant competition at an all time high, credibility is key in creating loyal customers.
  • Decrease your Marketing and Advertising Budget: While utilizing free social media networks, the cost of booting posts, or running ads is minimal in comparison to other marketing and advertising avenues such as printed flyers, printed coupons, direct mailers etc.
  • Increase your Inbound Website Traffic: Using social media to increase your website traffic is easy. Adding Call-To-Action buttons, and linking your website directly to your Facebook and Instagram profiles make it even easier for guests to find your website and keep up with your restaurant news.

Here’s what a few of our valued partners had to say in our 2019 Restaurant Trends Report:

“We find it’s necessary to be on Facebook to build awareness largely because of its massive

audience. It’s a great place to establish our market expertise as well as share other aspects

of the Decision Logic company.”- Decision Logic

“Instagram is delivering 58 times the engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.  Snapchat is currently the fastest growing social media platform with 100 million daily active users and 400 million snaps per day.” – Smarter Takeout

2019 Restaurant Technology Trends Report“Rewarding social advocacy through all social media enriches the guest experience while extending the social reach for the brand.”- Paytronix

“Social media has become an increasingly important tool for our team to interact with our customers.  Our strategy has been developed on three distinct tiers – information, engagement, and service.”- Restaurant Magic

“Social media has permeated much more than just the customer facing side of the business. Social has proven to be a great channel for recruiting top talent that are also customers of the business. It creates an organic recruitment strategy and employing target demographic can lead to reduced turnover.” Harri

Social sharing is the biggest craze in the marketing industry.

Proactively engage your customers through social media channels, and watch your business reputation and your profits grow!