Why QSRs Must Adopt POS Technology to Keep the Lines Moving

Fast-moving lines ensure customers are receiving food quickly, heightening customer satisfaction.

One major goal of every quick service restaurant (QSR) is to keep the lines moving.

Fast-moving lines ensure customers are receiving food quickly, heightening customer satisfaction. At the same time, it also means more transactions take place, equating to increased profit.

Of course, having a trained staff, efficient kitchen setup, and a well thought-out store design can be major contributors to line efficiency. Yet, beyond those elements, the next step toward improvement revolves around POS technology. Using a reliable, quick service point of sale can make a tremendous difference in order processing and customer transactions. Here are some things to consider when adopting restaurant POS technology, focused on service speed.


Online Ordering and Loyalty

Online and mobile ordering can be adopted through a restaurant POS solution. Customers can place orders directly from their office desk or from smartphones, and avoid lines during pick-up. It’s extremely convenient for both staffers and end-users, especially in the fast paced consumer lifestyle today.

Similarly, mobile loyalty apps help encourage repeat orders and easier mobile payment, continuing to enhance transaction speeds and help get customers in and out quickly. Through saved histories, customers can pull up past purchases, enabling one-click ordering. Integrating loyalty programs with your point of sale solution allows you to keep payment processing and data all in one place.


Drive-Thru Enhancements

Drive-thrus are an important asset for QSRs. They offer added convenience for customers looking for food on-the-go, and most restaurants are able to move product even faster via drive-thru windows. But have you ever been craving a meal and then see 14 cars ahead of you in line? Many consumers will see that logjam and immediately go elsewhere.

Reliable restaurant POS software (and a competent staff) can help eliminate that problem. Visual confirmation boards reduce the possibility of incorrect orders while high-tech headsets offer clear communication to your customers.

Utilize POS software geared for speed and accuracy to help keep drive-thru operations smooth and consistently. Eliminating unnecessary communication can cut down on wait times.


Cash Drawer and Receipt Printing

QSRs are hectic, aimed to please customers in a very short amount of time. With that, mistakes are inevitably made. But reducing them to the absolute minimum can really make a difference in customer turnover. As part of a reliable restaurant POS system, lever-free paper loading and high-speed receipt processing make it a perfect fit for QSRs, while reducing the possibility of manual errors. Everything can be integrated with point of sale terminals, ensuring correct change, stored data, and physical confirmation for the customer.


Employee Satisfaction

While the goal of any business is to please its customers, we can’t forget about employees too. Easy-to-use POS software lightens the training load and allows for more a productive work environment. This can include:

  • No manual calculations or processing.
  • Simple touch screen ordering.
  • Faster drive-thru lines, resulting in fewer customer complaints.
  • Smaller in-store lines leading to less stress on staff.

Work efficiency leads to happier employees, a more positive restaurant environment, and quicker turnaround on customer orders. This faster sales cycle has a natural impact on the bottom line. Updating restaurant POS hardware and/or software can be a big change across your QSR environment, but the benefits for both staff and customers get lines moving quicker and more sales processed.

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