Why Daily Technology Processes Are Vital to Restaurant Profitability

If you’ve worked in, managed, or even dined at a busy restaurant, you’ve probably seen how easily the atmosphere can turn into chaos.

When you’re running a restaurant, it’s important to have a system of checks and balances in place to keep you on track.

These processes are even easier to put in place when you have a well-built restaurant management software behind you. If you’re not employing technology to keep things running smoothly, it’s time to make the switch. Here are our top reasons for establishing daily processes with your restaurant technology:

  1. Habits set you up for success
    • When you’re busy dealing with customers and trying to keep hot food hot and cold food cold, having a process to rely on helps ensure that you’re getting things done.
    • Your back office should have the ability for you to do hot item inventory – daily inventory counts on your high dollar or high usage items to ensure you’re getting the correct daily usage as well as being prepared for the next day. You can also monitor for loss prevention.
  2. Processes enable easy training and scheduling
    • When everyone has a different standard, training new team members can take longer than necessary. More time training means more labor spend.
    • Understanding if you’re on track to meet your labor spend requires every day, multiple times per day monitoring.
    • Managing your labor when you have less sales means you don’t have to make labor cuts when you’re slammed. You want to have your folks following RPRPRT – right people, right place, right time. 2019 Restaurant Technology Trends Report
  3. Guesswork goes out the window
    • One of the many benefits of having technology in place is that you can make it work for you. Work with your POS or back office to establish comparative sales trends by day of the week, year over year, day part, or by hour, etc.
    • Understanding if you’re up or down in sales helps you to staff, prep, and work with marketing to determine if you need to push traffic to you on different days.
    • Some groups offer specials on their slowest days or day parts to increase traffic. Ever heard of a lunch combo? Reverse happy hour? Kids-eat-free nights? These efforts are all to keep traffic steady.
  4. Waste no more
    • Recording waste in real-time helps you to keep your COGS consistent.
    • With tools like Waste Sheet, you can record waste on the daily by ingredient or by menu item and assign a reason for the waste.
    • Understanding why waste is happening ensures that you can take action to prevent future waste. Misrings mean more training. Mistakes in cooking procedures mean more cooking. Slippery floor leading to dropped food means better cleaning, etc.
  5. Line checks become second nature
    • Ensuring food safety should be priority #1 as a restaurant operator, because if someone gets sick, your brand is at risk. Daily HACCP compliance and setting up shifts for success is a critical point to any restaurateur’s day. Making sure that the food meets your standards ensures guest satisfaction, and therefore repeat business. Taking the steps to ensure your line is set up for success before the first guest’s plate arrives determines the tone and preparedness for the shift.
  6. Security is covered
    • Among all of the other spinning plates that come with running your restaurant, making sure your customer’s data is safe is another added checkpoint. Don’t put your hard-earned dollars at risk by allowing a data breach to happen.
    • Give your teams an opportunity to view a dashboard alerting them to problem areas. Coupled with hardware monitoring- prevent server crashes and hand-written chits for the dinner rush.
    • Set up push notifications to keep you know in the loop and scanning to ensure your brand is PCI compliant.

There’s no doubt you’re already using some form of technology in your restaurants, but making sure you’re getting the most out of your systems and not spending excess dollars is what’s most important. Decision Logic provides the tools you need to ensure systems are running smoothly and gets you out of the back office and on the floor giving guests the experience they deserve. Get in touch with us to see how Decision Logic can transform your restaurant operations!