What Does Mobile POS Mean To Your Restaurant?

Statistics have shown that customers spend more money ordering online when compared to dining in-house.

Does your restaurant use online or mobile technology for things like online ordering or loyalty? If not, you’re missing out on more than just tech-savvy millennial customers (otherwise known as the generation who eats out at restaurants the most). You’re missing out on profit too!

Mobile point of sale, or mPOS, has exploded across the restaurant industry. It gives business owners the chance to stay connected 24/7 through secure cloud-based technology, no matter where they are located. It also offers a convenient way for customers to get exactly what they want, when they want it, through online and mobile ordering.

mPOS Makes it Easy to Make Money Online

Statistics have shown that customers spend more money ordering online when compared to dining in-house.

Customers today are more comfortable browsing menus at their leisure to find that perfect dish, and they enjoy the chance to customize their order (for example, no onions, ranch on the side) to get exactly what they want. Most mobile ordering apps allow you to add these customizations and even provide special instructions to the food preparation team.

Since they are inputting the order, they also take on more responsibility for it being correct which reduces your overall comp costs due to server errors. It makes it more convenient to order ahead as well. Grab and go instead of spending valuable time waiting in line.

Do You Have an App?

Why not take mPOS one step further and develop an app for your restaurant? You don’t need to be an experienced coder or have a degree in computer science to develop an app.

You can use a well-designed app template to step up your mPOS game and start earning more money online. When done correctly, apps have been proven to increase customer loyalty by giving your best customers a reason to come back more frequently. They can earn points or claim discounts, depending on how you structure your app, which will keep them engaged in your brand long-term.

Earning a position on their smartphone’s home screen (in the form of an app) will also keep your business at the top of their mind, and encourage them to choose you over competitors more often.

Using mPOS to Email and Text 

One feature that is often overlooked is the ability to send a text or email alerts. These messages can include special offers, daily promotions, coupons, and giveaways to attract the attention of your customers and keep them interested in your restaurant.

For text and email marketing campaigns to be successful, you can rely on the information gathered by your restaurant POS software to create meaningful messages based on their purchase history. These messages can be generic and refer to the latest menu items, or they can be customized based on the information you know about your customers.

Manage Employees Better with POS Tablets

Online and mobile point of sale restaurant technology aren’t just for your customers; it can also help create a more efficient workplace for your employees too.

Today, more restaurants are offering customers POS tablets to order off their menu, pay for their meal, and even entertain their children with pay-to-play games.

Studies have shown that mPOS tablets enhance the customer’s experience, and help servers manage multiple tables easily. It is also proven that customers spend more using POS tablets when ordering compared to ordering with a server which can mean higher tips and happier, less-stressed staff.

Management Made Easy with POS Technology

POS tablet technology allows restaurant managers to control inventory, track sales with real-time data, and monitor employees’ schedules anytime from anywhere. Thanks to mPOS technology, restaurant hospitality, management doesn’t have to be in the building 24/7 to stay connected and informed.

So, what do online and mobile really mean for your restaurant? Whether it is increased customer loyalty, a simpler ordering process, or increased employee satisfaction, we should all agree on one thing: productivity and profits will be positively impacted!

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