Using Cloud POS To Pull Ahead Of Your Competitors

There’s a reason why your competitors have already adopted a cloud POS system.

We get it. You want your restaurant to stand apart from the rest. You want to provide a unique dining experience for your clientele. The menu and decor is important, of course, but customer service will also be a key contributor to a restaurant’s success. Remember, details are the difference between the “good” stuff and the “great” stuff. Cloud POS technology can be your missing link to providing an improved experience with pristine service.

There’s a reason why your competitors have already adopted a cloud POS system. It works. It’s time to keep up with “The Jones’s” and deploy cloud POS geared towards your restaurant and its guests. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to take action now:

Customer Loyalty

The best way for restaurants to pull ahead from competition is to create a loyal fan base. Cloud POS software offers custom loyalty programs to drive new customers into your restaurant and retain your current ones. Features include storing customer data and information- including historical buying habits, favorite orders, contact information, birthdays, and more. You now have the ability to send special offers, promotions, or coupons provided in emails or text notifications inviting hungry customers into your door. Track customer purchases, and reward them with a points system for every item or dollar spent. Customize it to perfectly fit your restaurant’s menu and pricing strategy. Expect repeat visits and frequency to rise as a result.

Inventory Management

A cloud POS system offers detailed inventory management. Restaurant owners can schedule inventory reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  It allows inventory levels to be viewed at any time, from anywhere with real-time data updates.

Speed and Updates

Whether your restaurant is in the quick-service industry, fast-casual sector, or a fine dining establishment, patrons expect service at a reasonable amount of time. A cloud POS system keeps the line moving and keeps customers satisfied.

Employees must be trained with all aspects of POS technology, including the terminals. Luckily, many cloud POS systems integrate with legacy systems, enabling you to keep your current setup and reduce training time.

Cloud POS software automatically updates when needed. Security updates, bug fixes, increased speeds are all results of auto-updates. This ensures your software is always top of the line and ready to perform at the highest level. Spend time waiting on your guests, not behind a terminal.

Business Decisions

Cloud point of sale gives restaurant owners the information they need to make important business decisions. Here’s some example:

  • Feature a new or seasonal menu item with a special price.
  • Have a special event coming up? Text customers and let them know about it!
  • Are Tuesday nights slow? Scale back on labor.
  • February and May are big sales months due to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Make sure your inventory is replenished ahead of time.
  • Sales are suffering from 7 to 10:00 AM. Maybe it’s time to delete the breakfast menu and start opening at 11 AM for lunch.

Adopting a cloud POS system can solve a number of management issues and improve service restaurant wide. Keep a closer eye on inventory, move faster and with more accuracy, and have data at your fingertips, any time, with cloud POS technology.

PAR’s slick, modern POS software Brink keeps customer data safe and secure in the cloud. Restaurants that deployed Brink can effectively integrate with online/mobile ordering and loyalty programs, along with fast, easy software updates. It’s a monthly payment, SaaS model means there are no long term commitments!