Update on PAR’s Hardware Portfolio

Introducing the new EverServ(r) 8000 & 550 Terminals.

It is with great pleasure to have this opportunity to provide an update on PAR’s POS Hardware Portfolio and what our team has been working on.

The production of our new EverServ® 8000 series terminal is in full swing. This transition started in 2016 and is the first POS family to be built in the U.S. in nearly a decade. We also released the new EverServ® 550 terminal as the next generation replacing the EverServ® 500.

I joined PAR in January 2012. As I recall, during this period, I witnessed the growth of our terminal products and have seen them transform and grow as technology continues to evolve. This is simple proof that PAR’s POS hardware products are the shining star of the PAR product portfolio, alongside Brink POS® Software, for a foreseeable future.

We continue to develop new options for this family and lately, we have made available additional larger customer LCD display options, as well as integrated scanner capabilities. We are also seeing more traction and pick up in other hardware offerings, such as POS Tablets. We still have half of 2017 ahead of us with more exciting programs involving hardware development and new product introduction.