Top 5 Ways to Leverage Help Desk Support for your POS Solution

Managing a restaurant can be challenging enough. Perfecting the ideal dining experience, understand consumer buying behaviors, creating the perfect menu, instilling the correct staff, and focusing on what drives profit and revenue are all areas most restaurant owners want and need to focus on.

Worrying about their point of sale systems, or cloud POS software solutions isn’t something most restaurant operators want to think about.

Utilizing Help Desk support from your technical service provider is the easiest way to manage your technology portfolio. Help Desks are resources designed for users to contact when having issues with their technology or IT services and infrastructure. In most cases, a Help Desk provides your restaurant with a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians to assist you 27/7 by creating a troubleshooting approach to solve your issues as quickly as possible so you can get back to operating your business as usual.

With any restaurant point of sale technology implementation or deployment, there will usually be a need for support from your POS provider- in order to help your organization maintain system functionality, maximize up-time and obtain the most benefit from the various features of the solution.


When you do need Help Desk support, it typically falls into one of three areas:

  • Hardware failures
  • Software failures
  • Errors and operational feature questions

Each of these areas can cause frustration, system downtime or less than optimal system performance, while you or the end user are attempting to rectify the situation and obtain answers.


Creating a Seamless Help Desk Experience

When contacting technical support, be aware of a few things that can help reduce frustration and loss of productivity, and improve your chances of having a good experience with your support provider:

  1. Plan ahead for technology issues. Just like servicing a car, or replacing your brake pads, sooner or later you will need to service your point of sale or software support for optimal performance. The more prepared you are, by having the appropriate service entitlements, spare equipment, and backup processes will greatly improve your ability to handle hardware or POS software failures and increase up-time. If you are noticing a software anomaly, be prepared to take good notes and capture time of day, error codes and/or screen shots as appropriate. Provide the best possible description for your POS support technician , including functions or keystrokes leading up to the actual occurrence.


  1. Be as patient as possible while working with your Help Desk field technician, as they attempt to understand and troubleshoot your specific system behavioral issue. Technicians may ask for information or ask you to perform steps to assist the troubleshooting process. This is sometimes necessary, to ensure a thorough full-time diagnosis and guarantee that something was not missed in the review of important information in your hardware or software applications.


  1. Know your point of sale system. The more familiar you are with the solution, the easier it is to resolve operational issues and understand the instructions being provided by the agent. Learn all you can about your point of sale- everything from dashboard reporting to how to enter gift cards and credit cards. Additionally, the knowledge may help you resolve many of your own issues and get the most out of your POS software.


  1. Communicate issues as they occur, either through email or phone support. Try not to save up problems and batch them together for resolution in one interaction. This type of behavior can tie up technical support teams on less than urgent issues for hours and cause more urgent concerns to be delayed.


  1. Whenever possible, participate in a short survey that provides your support team with the feedback they require, to address concerns and continue to provide the type of service that their customer’s desire. Similar to a job summary, be prepared to share some quick, refined feedback whenever possible.


These are a few guidelines that should help you obtain the most value out of your Technical Support provider and therefore achieve greater success with your technology solutions.


PAR’s POS Help Desk Service

When an issue arises, our top priority is to solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Help Desk team members provides technical support and customer service all from a single point of contact in the United States and Canada.

Our PAR POS Help Desk is available 24x7x365 with a highly experienced team of passionate and specialized professionals to quickly troubleshoot system issues to resolution, including remote diagnostic capabilities. The IT Help Desk is our “lifeline” to our valued customers, and we proficiently employ technician specialists who are experts in their customized field.

With real-time access to our exclusive knowledge management system and real-time collaboration tools, our POS Help Desk specialists are virtually linked to an extended team of subject matter experts who can assist in customer resolution. Our experts are committed to providing you the highest level of customer satisfaction.


PAR Remote Management Support

An additional service offered at PAR is Remote Management. This service acts as an additional layer of technical support after the initial deployment is complete; providing remote monitoring, and the management and proactive resolutions of your IT infrastructure and POS application.

This service monitors your POS terminals, manager workstations, and other network devices to help maintain and ensure a secure and reliable system with maximum up-time, with knowledgeable POS Help Desk technicians and a support department monitoring your assets. Remote Management also eliminates the stress of managing windows updates by providing that service for you.

Whether you are the owner/operator of a single unit or a manager responsible for thousands of sites, maintaining your POS system is important for serving your customer. Remote Management is a PAR-hosted, SaaS offering that increases customer service and provides the end users peace of mind.


PAR Database Management

The Database Management support technicians at PAR is team is ready to become your single point of entry for new menu items, promotions, limited time offers, loyalty rewards, and other configuration requirements to meet your needs.

New offerings are frequently introduced. We can eliminate store input errors by entering your new menu items, limited time offers, and promotions in one place. Tracking menu mix data becomes a time-consuming process as you search for all the new entries. Using our team with your cloud-based database will ensure consistency in sales reporting across corporate and franchise locations.

Our customer support team has an extensive knowledge base is trained to troubleshoot issues that may arise and with the single-entry point, changes can quickly be made to all restaurants. Our service eliminates the need for support to find input errors within a single location. All changes are made within the larger enterprise database and pushed to all stores.


Every operation requires different needs. Be sure to work with your point of sale provider to fully understand what type of service plan works best for your restaurant.