Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Based POS Software

The cloud is not just a technology platform, but part of an overall evolution in culture and lifestyle for consumers that restaurant owners can adapt into their POS systems.

The Cloud. This ominous term is tossed around in casual conversation and has become a staple in our current vernacular. The current generation doesn’t know a world without it. So what’s all the fuss about? PAR’s Brink cloud-based POS software easily adapts to support the evolving needs of customers. The cloud is not just a technology platform, but part of an overall evolution in culture and lifestyle for consumers that restaurant owners can adapt to their POS systems.

  1. Customer Loyalty Programs

The best way for restaurants to pull ahead from the competition is to create a loyal fan base. Brink POS software offers custom loyalty programs to drive new customers into your restaurant and retain your current clientele. Features include storing customer data and information- including historical buying habits, favorite dishes, previous order history, contact information, and birthdays, to name a few. Restaurants now have the ability to send special offers, promotions, or coupons to guests via emails or text messages. Loyalty programs allow businesses to track customer purchases, and reward them with a points system for every item or dollar spent. Customize it to fit your restaurant’s menu and revenue goals.

  1. Online Ordering

Technology today offers convenience to consumers more than ever before. Brink’s online ordering has become an expectation that customers utilize as the first point of contact in their dining experience. Its cloud POS software provides restaurants the ability to implement online ordering onto their websites for their customers to take advantage of. Patrons can order anytime, and select their pickup time.

  1. Social Marketing

In a world revolving around Mobility, a presence on social media has never been more important for restaurant branding. Social media avenues can quite literally “make or break” a restaurant’s success or failure. By using features of Brink cloud POS software such as Online Ordering and Loyalty Programs, customers can rate their experience, tweet comments, share their order, post a photo of their dish, or as a restaurant’s page on Facebook or Instagram to name a few. Each consumer who engages in social posting becomes an ambassador for your restaurant and has a positive impact on your brand.

  1. Inventory Management

Brink offers detailed inventory management. Restaurant owners can schedule inventory reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, allowing inventory levels to be accessed at any time, from anywhere, with real-time data updates.

  1. Speed

No one likes a slow checkout line. Restaurant patrons expect quick service. In the fast-paced, active lifestyle trend of our society today, consumers expect near-immediate results- from transactions to ordering, to delivery, to payment. PAR’s Brink POS cloud-based software keeps the lines moving quickly, and your guests satisfied.

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  1. Ease of Integration

Employees must be trained on all aspects of your restaurant’s POS technology. Luckily, Brink easily integrates with legacy systems, allowing you to keep your current hardware and avoid purchasing new technology. This seamless integration extends the life of your current setup and reduces training time.

  1. Automatic Updates

Cloud POS software automatically updates when needed. With Brink POS, security updates, bug fixes, and increased speed are all results of automatic updates. This ensures your software is always top of the line and ready to perform at the highest level. Spend time waiting on your guests, not behind a terminal.

  1. Enterprise Reporting

PAR’s Brink POS software applications give restaurant owners the ability to generate reports for one, or multiple restaurant locations. Managers and owners are now in full control of defining how data is consolidated, whether by city, state, region or country. All reports are real-time, so information is current and as up to date as possible, and can be analyzed anywhere the operator has internet access.

  1. Multi-Unit Management

Menu management and system configuration across multiple units is quick and easy with Brink’s unique cloud based technology. Business owners can now simplify menu rollout, and improve operational efficiency. With Brink POS, change your menu once, instead of for each individual location.

  1. Increased Data Security

Since a customer’s banking and personal information is stored in the cloud with Brink POS software, the need for a server where credit card information is stored is eliminated. The level of security is thoroughly increased, limiting the scope of liability and the chance of credit card breach or identity theft. Brink does not require a back-office computer, and customer data is safe, secure and accessible in the cloud.

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