Tips & Ideas on How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and we know everyone is looking for a way to show Dad how special he is.

However, between a busy work week and catching up on other obligations, you may not have a lot of time to make plans. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you plan an unforgettable day or weekend we know Pop will love. Below are a few of our favorite activities to do with Dad, with the bonus of pairing up some great food choices to take out the guess work.

Going Fishing

Dust off those old poles and break out Dad’s favorite lures! A father favorite pastime, fishing is an excellent way to spend some time with Dad. Regardless if you get any bites or not, the biggest catch of the day will be the quality time you’ll get to share with each other. If you are the early bird type, swing by a CC’s Coffee House on the way to fuel up on some java. We recommend the ‘Uptown Jazz Blend,’ a darker roast coffee that’s sure to make you awake and alert when you start casting those reels.

Playing Golf

If he is the competitive type, a little golfing might be right up your alley. Whether you play nine holes or are in for the long haul with a full eighteen, getting time on the green with Dad is always a lot of fun. Have an appetite, but don’t want to pay those club house prices? Five Guys is your answer. They were voted Americas Favorite Burger this year, and it’s easy to see why. Fresh ingredients and fast service make it a great choice if you want to spend less time waiting for food, and more time on the course.

Attending a Baseball Game

What could be better than celebrating the great American pastime, with a great American hero? Baseball has always been one of my favorite things to do in the summer, and just think of how excited Dad will be when you show up with a pair of tickets! Whether its major league, minor league, or your nephews pee-wee game, you’re going to hit a home run with this idea. For this scenario, ice cream fits like a glove. We recommend Graeter’s for all your delicious sweet treats after the game.

Touring a new city

No one ever said you have to spend a lot of money to enjoy time with Dad – sometimes just a change of scenery for a day can be a great experience. Hop in the car, crank the tunes, and take a road trip! You will be amazed at what is out there to see, and the opportunity to do new things with Dad is priceless. Speaking of trying different things, check out Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill. A great alternative to some other typical offerings – huge burritos with fresh chips and salsa are just a few menu items that are sure to delight Dad’s taste buds.


Ready to rough it a bit? Camping is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Load the tent and go enjoy the great outdoors for a few days. Looking for a great dinner idea to close out the weekend? Sonny’s BBQ is an excellent choice for the family to come together at a traditional sit-down style restaurant. If Dad is a fan of BBQ (most are), it doesn’t get much better than this. Tender, slow cooked meat served in a variety of styles makes Sonny’s a no brainer. The only hard decision to make is which BBQ sauce to put on your ribs!

Whether you take one of our picks or come up with one of your own, we can all agree the most important part of Father’s Day is just spending some quality time with your Dad. These are just a few ideas to help, but feel free to share some of your own in the comments section below!