Tips for Setting Up Virtual Drive-Thrus and Kiosks

Generating QR codes is an easy way to transform your parking lot into a revenue-generating drive-in using low cost signage with no additional hardware required. This gives your guests a convenient, contactless method to order, pay and pick up their food from the safety of their automobiles, and it’s easy for restaurants to set up, too.

Just follow the steps below and you’ll be able to accept online orders:

1 QR Code blog


Enter the URL of your online ordering page into this free QR code generator and save the QR code for printing.


2 QR Code Blog


Print your QR code on signs, posters, and floor decals to use near parking spots you designate for online ordering.


3 QR Code Blog


Have your customers pull up to a designated parking spot and scan the QR code, which will take them to your digital ordering page.


4 QR Code Blog


Your customers will follow a link and see your digital menu from the safety of their smartphones – offering a completely contactless way to order.


5 QR Code Blog


Customers select their food and pay on their smartphones from the safety of their cars – all you have to do is bring the food out to them.


Other Helpful Tips

  • Create different URLs that all point to your mobile ordering site so you can generate unique QR codes for each designated parking spot.
  • Place arrows on the ground of your parking lot to direct customers to designated parking spots.
  • Place A-frame signage with the QR code to the left of each spot so drivers can easily roll down their windows and scan it with their smartphones.
  • Use window decals to increase awareness of this new ordering solution.
  • Convert your order confirmation boards to virtual kiosks by displaying a QR code on the screen.

For more information, visit our PARk it™ digital ordering page.