The Top 7 Ways to Grow Your Restaurant Business

The number one goal of most restaurants typically focuses on growth. Why is it that some restaurants are doubling in size every few years, while a handful of brands have reached a plateau, and many others seem stationary?

Growth can be challenging in our current culture- between the demand for convenience and high-quality food from consumers, real estate costs, and rising employee wages.

Increase growth in the following ways:

  • Be Original: A recent survey conducted by QSR Magazine shows that nearly 80% of restaurants fail because they tried to mimic or copy strategies of other competing restaurants. Innovative ideas, menu items, promotions or loyalty programs customized to YOUR restaurant are the way to go.
  • Get Involved: Participating in local, community events can increase brand awareness, and create a name for yourself with consumers. Never underestimate opportunities to meet potential or current customers face to face. Everything you do can leave a lasting impression!
  • Research local events: Find out when nearby colleges have upcoming Parents or Alumni Weekend, check out concerts in your area, research sporting events, and find out if your community hosts a Restaurant Week. Get creative with offering discounts, specials, promotions, or even setting up tables/booths to pass out free samples at some of the local activities in your area.
  • Partner with other local businesses: If you offer smoothies and salads, reach out to some local gyms or health clubs in your area to see how you can cross-market your products. If you specialize in breakfast and lunch, maybe selling dishes in a nearby office cafeterias would benefit you.
  • Reward Customer Loyalty: Implement a digital loyalty program that rewards recurring customers. The more personalized of an experience you can create for guests, the more likely they will be to return to your restaurant. Create customer profiles and utilize the data gathered by loyalty programs to learn about your customer’s buying behavior.
  • Value Guest Feedback: The best resource in learning where your biggest opportunities are is to ask your customers, who knows more about your dining experience than them?? Send guest satisfaction surveys, and provide places for customers to list feedback on what they love, and how your restaurant can improve.

By following a few simple strategies, or shifting your current mindset, your restaurant sales can increase, and your business can experience a trajectory towards growth!
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