The Temperature is Rising and so Should your Sales!

Summer is FINALLY here!

We know what that means- consumers are always looking for something different to do! Ask yourself, “Is your business ready?” Here are some tips to spice up your summer sales and increase customer engagement!

Between graduations, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July and well, “JUST BECAUSE” nights, it’s time to celebrate! Pull out that red, white and blue – and let’s PARty! Drive customers and sales with a signature drink to celebrate and align with the occasion.

Have you considered a live band to set the mood and keep your customer staying longer? By having a band schedule, live music, or karaoke, your customers will want to watch, and sing, thus ordering more! Seasonal specials change up an everyday menu and experience.

As you already know, we live in an INSTANT world- so use it! Social media is a crucial key in driving sales UP, UP, UP! Showcase your ability to raise the bar and set yourself apart from your friendly competitor next door. Now is the time to offer a discount or reward for “checking-in.” Happy hour sales are only good if you’re our Facebook friend, right?

Use trivia and random facts to keep your post fun. “Did you know French Fries were traced back to Belgium in the late 1600’s?!” Then offer a sale by adding fries to an order! PS: don’t forget the #HASHTAG

If your restaurant is more of a quick serve vibe, we have some tips for you too! Motivate your employees to UPSELL and ask questions to the customer. “It seems hot out there today! Would you want a large drink instead of a medium?” Fountain drinks have one of the best margins for profit in a quick service industry.

Want your customer to come back tomorrow? Consider arranging a food or drink sampling on a set date and time for a limited number of customers. The customer will have more insight into your menu and most importantly, a chance to tell a friend! Not only did you receive a sale after a sale, but potential for a new face to your establishment.

Set your business up for Summer Success!