The ROI of IoT Webinar

On December 4th, PAR hosted a webinar highlighting the newest addition to our SureCheck Food Safety platform, called PAR IoT, which is a complete digital remote monitoring platform to protect key investments for restaurants, and food operators.


In this webinar, Barb Sullivan, PAR Technology’s Senior Product Manager for SureCheck, and Jim Gelose, PAR’s Senior Operations Manager for SureCheck, walked attendees through the benefits of implementing a digital remote monitoring system into their food service operations, and how the solution will increase the ROI of your business.

With limited time and a significant number of daily tasks to perform, an Operations Manager in a Food Service business might find adding a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution to be quite beneficial and productive to the overall operations of the business.

The deployment of an IoT solution provides a “second pair of eyes” that continuously manages and monitors key equipment within the facility, freeing up time to perform other critical, necessary tasks and activities.

As we all know, a key element to delivering high quality food to the consumer is the ability to maintain food at acceptable temperature levels to guarantee that items are prepared and ultimately delivered to the consumer safely.

A significant factor in achieving this is to properly monitor food service equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as often times issues can arise when staff are not present, or when operations are closed.

Food Storage Equipment is the critical component to keeping food safe and decreasing food waste. Did you know:

  • After labor and food, energy is the largest controllable cost in a restaurant’s operation.
  • Refrigeration including walk-in coolers and freezers in restaurants can account for approximately 20-45% of total energy costs.
  • National Restaurant Association (NRA) found 10 percent of food purchased by a restaurant or foodservice operation is discarded before reaching guest because of a breakdown in storage process.

If a refrigerator or freezer stops working, not only is there additional expense of fixing or replacing the appliance, but the risk that the food items being stored in the unit are outside of safe temperature (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for refrigerators and 0 degrees Fahrenheit for freezers) is high.

This inventory would then need to be discarded in order to retain quality control of the operation. This cost for spoiled inventory would be substantial and devastating for a food service business.

PAR IoT can dramatically reduce the amount of food waste in restaurants and food operations. Food Waste is on the rise:

  • The United States is a leading nation in food waste
  • US throws out 133 billion pounds of food annually
  • Global food loss is a staggering 1.3 Billion tons per year

Watch as Barb and Jim highlight one of our valued SureCheck customers, and be prepared to be impressed by the results! Within one week of installing the PAR IoT Solution in their establishment, one client prevented the spoilage on $25,000 in inventory, recognizing an almost immediate ROI on their digital remote monitoring investment.

Our complete monitoring platform enabled this savings, and ensured critical temperatures are consistently captured and monitored.

A profitable food business typically anywhere generates anywhere from 28-45% food cost of total sales depending on the industry.

Utilizing a digital IoT solution is a logical step to protect your inventory and your margins! Click here to listen to the webinar recording!


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