Summing Up The Restaurant Point of Sale Guide

Here at PAR Technology, we consider ourselves experts in the restaurant industry, and one thing is for certain: after 40 years, we KNOW restaurant technology.

This fast, solution-driven guide contains everything you need to know to choose the right POS system for your restaurant.

It takes a truly courageous sort to make it in the restaurant business. A restaurant operator needs to be several things all at once: a business analyst, a manager of people and inventory, a financier—the list goes on and on.

This industry is daunting for good reason: according to a Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Study, 60% of restaurants fail within their first year. Among’s list of 10 Reasons Restaurants Fail are customer service, poor accounting practices, and miscalculation of food costs. In fact, these reasons are all repeatedly cited by the likes of Business Insider, Investopedia,, and countless others.

The good news is that many of these challenges can be overcome by the selection and effective implementation of a high-quality restaurant point of sale system.

Chapter 1: What is a Restaurant Point of Sale System?

Synopsis: What is a Restaurant POS system? Well, at its most basic definition, a point of sale system is a set of equipment which processes and records transactions between a company and their consumers, at the time in which goods and/or services are purchased.

This chapter will outline the terminology associated with your point of sale system as a whole, and outline some elements to consider when choosing the right POS system for your restaurant; touching on software, hardware, customer loyalty programs and online ordering.

Chapter 2: Why Do I need a POS System?

Synopsis: In an age where fewer and fewer people are carrying cash, not accepting card payment is an almost inexcusably poor customer experience, and one that can be avoided completely by simply using a modern point of sale system. Not to mention the fact that customers typically spend more money when paying by card.

In this chapter, we will discuss the importance of payment processing, effective inventory management, and security- for both the customer and restaurant owner or operator. We will also cover the benefits of having an Omni-Channel restaurant strategy, and best practices for adapting to this significant trend that has hit the industry hard.

Chapter 3: Restaurant POS for Franchises

Synopsis: A quality point of sale system can help an independent restaurant in nearly every respect, but independent restaurants aren’t the only food service businesses that benefit from selecting the proper system.

A restaurant franchise can be a very lucrative enterprise, but it can’t be run exactly like any other restaurant, a fact which extends all the way down to choosing which point of sale system to use. This chapter will cover some of the common challenges that are unique to owning a franchise, and how choosing the right point of sale to manage your restaurant can be a significant factor to your success.

Chapter 4: How to Implement a Restaurant POS System

Synopsis: One of the most crucial aspects of a POS system is how it’s implemented. A strong implementation is key to success with these systems. Even the best-chosen system can be rendered ineffective if the setup, installation, and training aren’t given their proper attention.

In this chapter, learn more about hos your POS vendor should be working with your internal teams to ensure proper deployment and implementation. Here we will touch on proper installation, security, and employee training, as just a few things to focus on when implementing a restaurant POS system.

Chapter 5: What Type of Restaurant Do You Manage

Synopsis: No two restaurants are exactly alike, but they can often be grouped into a few common categories. The category your restaurant falls into will make a big difference in the type of restaurant POS system you choose. A few of the most popular types of restaurants are Quick Service and Fast Casual.

Each type of restaurant concept has its own unique pain points and goals associated with its success. This chapter will cover certain things to consider based on whether you operate a Quick Service or a Fast-Casual establishment.

Chapter 6: Customer Service & Support

Synopsis: It can be tempting to think that your journey is over once you’ve selected and purchased your restaurant POS system. In reality, the journey has just begun. The process of implementing and integrating the system into your business is just as important as the selection.

This is where it helps to choose a product that is backed up by excellent customer support. If you’ve chosen a “one-stop-shop” POS provider, you can rest assured that they will be fully equipped to service any maintenance or repair needs that crop up over the lifetime of your system.

A truly distinguished customer support system will be comprised of several different facets: onboarding, customer success, technical support, and service repair options.

Choosing the right point of sale system is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you keep in mind the specific benefits a POS system can afford, your restaurant’s unique needs, industry trends, and the importance of robust customer support and services, making the right choice is easy.

Ready to learn more? Dive into Chapter 1, “What is a Restaurant Point of Sale System” of our solutions guide, and begin your journey to better restaurant management today.

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