The Power of API’s

Restaurant owners are leveraging integration partners through various cloud-based architecture and API’s in order to create the complete technology portfolio.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is defined as a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.

In simpler terms, API’s are software intermediaries that allow two applications to communicate with each other.

For example, every time you use social media apps, or check the weather on your Smartphone, you are using an API.

  1. The application connects to the Internet and sends data to a server.
  2. The server then retrieves that data, interprets it, performs the necessary actions and sends it back to your phone.
  3. The application then interprets that data and presents you with the information you want in a readable way.

While API’s were created nearly 20 years ago, they did not begin to dominate the technology landscape until the last 5 years or so. Regardless of the business or industry type, integrations have become a powerful necessity for all businesses to adopt and implement.

In the restaurant industry specifically, API integrations have become indispensable for brands to remain pertinent in the eyes of consumers. The choice is simple for restaurant owners: embrace integration partners through API’s or be left behind.

The Value of Integrated Systems

One of Brink’s most appealing features is its Universal Web API, allowing us the opportunity to offer customers a rich and robust third-party ecosystem of integration partners.

We asked a few of our valued integration partners:

“Why did you choose to partner with Brink? How is this partnership mutually beneficial?”

“Gratuity Solutions chose to partner with Brink after hearing from clients, prospects and partners who were all excited about the Brink platform. As a Company which provides its services through POS integration, it is of valued importance for us to integrate and partner with all of the leading platforms and service providers in the market. For Gratuity Solutions, the integration with Brink is an opportunity to provide our clients and prospects with another choice in a leading POS platform, while giving our Company an opportunity to provide our services to Brink’s growing client base. We look forward to providing Brink’s clients the ability to automate their POS to Payday process and relieve the burdens and risks associated with manual distribution and allocation of TIPS, service charges, commissions and wages. The mutual benefits of this partnership help one another differentiate ourselves in the market, and provide integrations to best-in-class solutions to serve our clients and grow our business together.” – George E. Hartman, VP of Business Partnerships & Sales, Gratuity Solutions

“It’s about the service. When our clients look to make a change or acquire restaurant technology, they come to us for consultation prior to making a decision. It’s important to us that whoever we recommend takes great care of our shared customers. Our partners are a reflection of us. When it comes to POS, we recommend PAR Brink every time because we know our customers will receive the same world-class service from PAR that they get from us at Decision Logic.

A significant amount of the data Decision Logic uses is pulled from our customers’ POS systems. If a seamless integration doesn’t exist with the POS system, the data may not be as accurate. Our labor scheduling and ingredient-level inventory reporting provides PAR Brink customers with the enhanced functionality they need to efficiently run their operations. The team at PAR’s professional approach to business and their ability to always deliver on expectations makes working with them enjoyable. It feels less like a partnership and more like an extension of our own team.” – Ted Carlson, Director of Business Development, Decision Logic

“Paytronix helps brands build loyal customers by creating personalized experiences for every guest. It’s through great partnerships like Brink that make that possible. Our mutual customers love the combination of Paytronix and Brink powering their guest experience strategy.” -Matt Roser, Product Manager, Paytronix

“As a data integration and analytics company, RAD’s decision to become an official Brink Integration Partner was a no-brainer.  Data is a tremendous asset for restaurant organizations, and realizing the full potential of one’s data is a strategic differentiator in a very competitive industry.  Brink’s API makes it easy to access the valuable details transacting a restaurant’s business.  All Brink customers should take advantage of this access and put their data to work.

RAD brings Brink data to life by correlating other systems across the enterprise and transforming the enterprise of data into a decision-making machine specifically tailored to each Brink client.  With Brink and RAD, restaurants have the power to make informed, needle-moving decisions.” – Ryan Burhorn, Founder, Restaurant Analytics Delivered (RAD).

Through working with Brink POS, customers can extend and expand their technology stack and take advantage of our growing ecosystem as their restaurants scale and grow!