The Perks of Tabletop Tablet POS for Restaurants

In the fast pace environment of today’s restaurants, it’s important to offer tabletop tablet POS solutions that enhance customer guest experience.

Tabletop tablet POS solutions are becoming more commonplace in restaurants today as a way to enhance your guest experience and streamline ordering processes.

Tablets like PAR’s enterprise grade POS tablets are small, handheld, mobile devices that are fully customizable to fit any restaurant environment. These point of sale solutions extend the existing POS platform, connecting it to POS software in order to give customers greater control over their experience.

How Do POS Tablets Work?

Imagine yourself sitting at a table in a sports bar on a busy Saturday night. It’s the NFL playoffs and the bar is packed as you and your friends anxiously await to order appetizers and some cold brews.

The old way: A waitress yells “I’ll be right with you” as she runs around delivering drinks to other tables. Five minutes pass and you are still waiting.

The new way: You sit down, focus on the tablet stationed at your table, order foods, order drinks, and it’s there in minutes. It avoids the entire ordering process, saving time and aggravation. 

That’s pretty fantastic, right?

The PAR POS tablet presents a menu that is easy to navigate with each item including its ingredients, allergy information, and nutritional facts to help you make the best choice. Once you decide and customize your order, this information is sent via secure cloud technology to the PAR Everserv POS hardware where your order is received and processed. After your meal, you can pay right at the table using your credit card to close out your tab, and even include a tip.

From a customer’s perspective, this all sounds great. There’s no more flagging down the waitress to order more drinks or to ask for the check.

Why Restaurant Owners Invest in Tablet POS

Restaurant owners understand the value POS tablets bring to the customer experience, and how these mobile devices affect their bottom line. They know POS tablets will help improve service, increase sales, and help promote their brand.

1) They want to serve more customers

Tablet POS, like PAR’s tablet family, help increase sales by turning tables over quickly through efficient ordering and cash-out. Since the customer is in control of the ordering process, server input errors and the comp costs associated with them are no longer an issue.

POS mobile solutions also help cut down the time wait staff spends answering questions regarding dietary concerns. Questions about ingredients, nutritional informational, and allergies are quickly answered using the tablet.

2)  POS tablets help sell more product

Any good manager will urge their wait staff to upsell with phrases like: Would you like to add fries for $1.99? A large is only $0.99 more, would you like that instead? Are you interested in seeing the dessert menu?

Upselling is a great way to add extra dollars to a tab, and POS tablets make it easy by automatically upselling on every order. Instead of relying on a sometimes forgetful wait staff, POS tablets assure owners that all efforts have been made to increase each bill.

3) For PR and marketing reasons

POS tablets in your restaurant tell your customers you care about their experience, value their time, and are keeping up with the trends in your industry.

From a marketing standpoint, these tablets gather valuable consumer data. Reports can show what they are buying, how they are customizing it, and what method of payment they prefer to use.

When not in use for ordering, tablet POS solutions can also be configured to provide games for customers to play while waiting. They can feature marketing ads to promote things like online ordering, daily specials, or events.

Say goodbye to greasy menus, handwritten specials, and inefficient restaurant practices. POS mobile solutions like PAR’s Everserv tablets will make your restaurant more efficient and provide a better dining experience for your customer. It’s the wave of the future and your guests are expecting it!

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