The Impact of Integrations on Your Restaurant

Whether you’re a corporate franchisee, a single unit operator, or an up and coming new trend, restaurant brands have more choices than ever before when it comes to their technology stack.

The restaurant industry itself is experiencing a revival due to increasing consumer demands. As a result, restaurant technology is subsequently undergoing a resurgence of its own, to create the ideal user experience in order to keep up with consumer trends.

In order to do so, restaurant operators will need to leverage integration partners to fulfill all their operational needs in order to remain current in the market.

Does your technology all “talk” to each other?

You’ve got the perfect menu. You’ve on-boarded the perfect staff and management team. You’ve created the perfect ambiance and environment for guests.

Now how do you streamline this experience across all restaurant locations?

One way to achieve this is to make sure your technology platform all works together. Work with your integration partners and your POS provider, and ask questions. Different channels need to “talk to each other’s capabilities, ad your network all needs to connect.

For example, while it can be simple to determine whether or not your software or cloud-based point of sale solution will integrate with a third-party candidate for back-office, how can you be sure that your back-office platform will also integrate with your existing data analytics partner? Does your online ordering partner integrate with your third-part delivery platform?

Whether you are searching for a new point of sale solution, or looking to integrate your existing technology, consider the following:

  • Is the integration already active and being used or does it need to be built?
  • No integration is created equal. Each process, implementation and training will be unique.
  • Make sure your integrations are “fully” integrated.
  • Spend time with your partners/vendors to ensure that the feature and functionality you need is supported in the integration.
  • If the integration needs to be built still what does this process look like? What is the timing and the cost involved for both the vendor and the restaurant owner?

The Value of Integrations

Don’t allow technology to be a hindrance on the growth of your restaurant. Our robust partner ecosystem grants customers access to additional resources, products, and services, and strengthens our ability to impact all areas of their business.

At PAR Technology, we work closely with a large network of Restaurant POS Integration Partners to provide certified and supported solutions that complement and integrate with our POS software and hardware.

“We knew that a cloud-based software solution was the direction we wanted to take. We decided on PAR because of their industry position, impressive client base and the adaptability of Brink, which allowed us to easily integrate with the systems we currently have in place. We are impressed with the smooth implementation process.” Konstantine Zitsos, President & CEO of Showmars Hospitality Group.”

These certified solutions provide new or enhanced functionality for our POS solutions; granting our customers the ability to enrich their guest’s overall dining experience and augmenting the profitability of their restaurant as a whole.

One of the most noteworthy features of Brink POS is its open architecture. Brink POS continues to improve and expand its open API, thus increasing the multitude of integration options for restaurant partners to choose from, further enabling them to transition to a data-centric platform.

Our agile software platform easily scales to support restaurants of all sizes, which is an integral feature since restaurant operators must continue to enhance and extend their customer interaction points to adapt to the evolving restaurant environment.

As a comprehensive restaurant management platform, with the goal of offering our valued customers an entire point of sale technology solution, Brink POS is focused on growing our rich partner ecosystem.

Select the partners that are optimal for your business model and growth trajectory! With Brink POS your restaurant point of sale is the central, core influencer over the success of your business.

Enjoy a rich and expanding integration ecosystem, where our goal is to ensure that our restaurant partners have that essential freedom of choice!