The Benefits of Having a One-Stop Shop POS Solution

It’s important to have a POS solution that meets all of your business needs – from processing, to loyalty, to online ordering and beyond.

It’s 2016. Point of sale solutions are no longer simple registers used for accepting cash and spitting out change. Today, point of sale systems are modern, well-built,integrated solutions that benefit restaurants and retailers in a number of ways. It’s important to find an all-in-one restaurant POS solution that can meet all of your needs and help take your business to the next level.

POS Hardware

A POS solution starts with its hardware – the physical framework that sets you up for success. It’s important to make sure your POS hardware is sturdy, durable, and rugged to withstand the harsh realities of a restaurant environment. Your hardware should also align with, and compliment your POS software. Having POS hardware and software that are in sync, is the first step in building a fluent POS system.

everserv hardware featured

POS Software

Restaurants rely on POS software applications to help achieve their goals – from sales, inventory, and reporting, to name a few. These features help create an optimal guest experience, allow business owners to access numbers at all times, and allow for changes to be made on-the-fly. The data gathered from point of sale software can aid managers in making important business decisions that can lead to enhanced efficiencies and greater profit.

Your software should also readily integrate with important tools and features that are key to running a profitable business such as:

  • Credit card like WorldPay, FirstData, or Mercury Payments.
  • Payroll like ADP, Paychex, or Ultipro.
  • Reporting like QSR Online, Ctuit, or Compeat.
  • Accounting like MAS90, Quickbooks or Restaurant 365.
  • Gift cards like Paytronix, Givex, or  Valuetec.

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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs give customers the ability to earn points, enjoy cost savings, and complete transactions quicker and easier than ever. Businesses are able to gather important customer information, and increase the rate of return visits by creating loyal customers. Ensure your restaurant POS software has built-in loyalty features that make it easy to set-up and manage.

Already using a loyalty tool? Some popular programs today include Paytronix, Heartland, Punchh, and LevelUp. POS software that fully accepts one of these third party applications will give you the luxury of maintaining your program, yet syncing with your current point of sale software for easier management and shared data as well.

Mobile/Online Ordering

Our culture has transitioned to a point where it’s no longer a convenience for restaurants to offer online ordering – it’s mandatory.  Online/mobile ordering allows customers to order ahead of time to avoid calling ahead, or waiting in line.  Restaurants are able to maintain customer profiles to provide a richer and customized online experience in the future, AND utilize that information for future marketing efforts. One-stop-shop POS solutions offer mobile and online ordering features, allowing for seamless mapping from website or smartphone shopping carts to the POS software in the restaurant.

PAR Technology is your one-stop-shop to fulfill all of your restaurant POS needs. From EverServ hardware, Brink cloud-based POS software and PixelPoint software, and customizable POS services, PAR offers a full POS portfolio. PixelPoint and Brink also integrate with hundreds of today’s top POS-related applications, from credit card, to payroll, to loyalty and more. Having a truly comprehensive cloud POS system allows restaurant operators to manage and offer a more enjoyable experience for customers.

Since 1978, PAR has been helping restaurant and retail customers put technology to work to improve operations, enhance customer experience, and better manage data and information. With POS  systems in more than 50,000 restaurants in 110 countries, PAR is redefining point of sale to bring technological innovation to all corners of the enterprise. PAR offers POS software Brink and PixelPoint and POS hardware EverServ.