The 7 Ways Your Restaurant Will Benefit from Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service is a procurement model similar to leasing or renting.

Have you heard the term “HaaS” floating around the restaurant industry? Just what you needed, right? One more abbreviated term to try and keep track of. HaaS, or Hardware as a Service, has taken the industry by storm and shows no signs of slowing down in popularity or convenience any time soon.

Do you wish your restaurant operation was more recent and up to date? Do you want to increase your sales by using current and cutting-edge technology?

Have you been considering a hardware upgrade, but don’t quite have the budget to cover such an extravagant expense? Wouldn’t it be great if renting or leasing your restaurant hardware was an option, instead of having to purchase it?

Well, the good news is… is. Enter HaaS.

Hardware as a Service is a procurement model similar to leasing or renting. In this type of business model, the hardware belongs to the POS vendor, and is installed in the customer’s site. The POS vendor is responsible for all maintenance when issues arise, just like a landlord would be. When the hardware becomes outdated, or is in need of a refresh, the POS vendor is responsible for decommissioning the old hardware, and replacing it with the most current model or updated version of the technology.

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Top Advantages of Adopting a HaaS model into your Restaurant:

  1. No Initial Investment: with Hardware as a Service your business will be provided with all new, industry-leading hardware without any of the expenses typically associated with such an upgrade.
  2. Reduce capital expense: get rid of some of the hefty upfront costs typically associated with deploying new hardware into your establishment. Making one low monthly payment can majorly cut down on your expenses.
  3. Includes automatic hardware refreshes: your business will always stay current with the most modern technology. Many vendors automatically upgrade your hardware every 5 years and will even recycle your old equipment.
  4. Worry-free Maintenance: when working with a hardware provider, your vendor is responsible for maintenance and for fixing issues when they arise. This means less expenses for you!
  5. Improve Operations: processes are streamlined, downtime is minimized, and operations are enhanced when you are working with updated and effective equipment.
  6. Enhanced Security: another hassle-free feature for you to benefit from! When working with your hardware vendor, it is their responsibility to ensure the utmost security for your operation.
  7. Benefit from a Tax Deduction: in many cases, HaaS effectively turns your hardware expenses into a tax deduction.

As consumers, we all know what it’s like to use technology and gadgets until the “next big thing” comes along, and then that outdated version is shoved away in a junk drawer somewhere, never to be seen or used again. As business owners, you can’t just shove a POS terminal or a printer into a drawer when it stops performing at an ideal level. Adopt Hardware as a Service and rid yourself of this issue forever!

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