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Profit margins are always a focal topic amongst business owners- regardless of which industry you are in. With competition and market penetration at an all-time high, brands across the globe must continuously develop creative ways to remain profitable and relevant among consumers. The restaurant industry specifically has become oversaturated with the “next big thing” or

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With the exception of fine dining, most every restaurant segment (QSR, fast casual, casual restaurant) is designing for delivery, for more even meals consumed in homes or places of business, or at the soccer field.      As reported in QSR recently, 30 percent of orders for Firehouse Subs locations in South Florida came through

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One of the hottest trends right now in the restaurant industry is delivery. Many restaurant segments (QSR, fast casual, and casual dining) are beginning to focus on delivery, as more meals than ever before are being enjoyed in homes or places of business. As reported in QSR recently, 30% of orders for Firehouse Subs locations in South

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The term “big data” has been buzzing around industries and businesses alike with an intense ferocity, making its presence known through countless meetings, emails, publications, strategies and analyses around the globe. Even the concept itself has been personified – now resembling a valuable direct link from your consumer and market to your business itself.  It’s important to understand what big data is before

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Supporting Operations and the Customer Experience Software engineers organize something called a “sprint,” in order to create new applications quickly. This means new software releases occur daily instead of annually. If you’ve felt out of breath lately, it might have a lot to do with our Software Society, or Gig Economy, or whatever term that

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76% of restaurateurs are looking for labor management tools in their restaurant POS software. – NRA The restaurant POS industry has been rapidly changing since its inception into the foodservice workplace. While 2017 brought many innovative products and services, 2018 promises to build off that with even more disruption. While self-service kiosks have continued to

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It’s hard to talk about the Power of Partnerships without first talking about the power of an Open API Architecture. If your restaurant POS software isn’t designed to easily communicate with your other POS integration technology partners, you may be missing out on valuable actionable data to drive your operations and grow your business. You

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Just when you think you have the latest and greatest technology implemented in your restaurant, something new comes out. Today, you have to always think ahead and be willing to adapt. As everything moves to the cloud, more and more technology is going to be impacted, including how your kitchen operates. POS software is often