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Franchise POS

Multi-Unit operators in food retailing have a unique challenge: creating consistency in hundreds if not thousands of locations, in different states and in different countries.   The original concept was most likely created in a single location under the control and care of the founder. So, how do you ensure that store #787 at an

POS management blog

We started our business by bringing McDonald’s technological point of sale solutions, and improving the visibility of its financial flows. Rahi Roshandel, VP of Hardware Development, was interviewed by Neo Restauration, a French publication targeting readers of Commercial Catering, Fast food, Catering, Buyers, and Suppliers of RHD. Which sectors of activity are affected by the technological

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POS software can help prevent loss by providing accounting audit trails that give you the data you need to identify employee or customer theft. Your restaurant point of sales system should do more than just handle transactions and print sale reports. The best restaurant POS software provides added security benefits like data alerts that notify managers when unauthorized employees try

POS management blog

So what’s the answer? It starts with finding a reputable provider who has the knowledge and will not try and oversell you on what you need. In the first article in this series, “Choosing the Right POS Terminal,” I introduced several factors to take into consideration when looking to select a POS Terminal.  Let’s consider a few more things. The