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Restaurant POS deployment can be a daunting task. PAR’s support services can assist customers through this process, making it an easy and streamlined process. Adopting new technology can be intimidating for restaurant owners. Especially if you don’t fully understand how to best implement them. Transitioning to a new POS solution is a big deal. It requires research, investment,

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It’s important to have a POS solution that meets all of your business needs – from processing, to loyalty, to online ordering and beyond. It’s 2016. Point of sale solutions are no longer simple registers used for accepting cash and spitting out change. Today, point of sale systems are modern, well-built,integrated solutions that benefit restaurants and retailers in a

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The right bar POS software adds management efficiency and customer satisfaction to any restaurant operation. 90% of bars fail in the first three years. Running a bar is hard work. Bar owners must abide by various alcohol laws and food safety regulations, as well as deal with all the other typical challenges of business management like