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With the exception of fine dining, most every restaurant segment (QSR, fast casual, casual restaurant) is designing for delivery, for more even meals consumed in homes or places of business, or at the soccer field.      As reported in QSR recently, 30 percent of orders for Firehouse Subs locations in South Florida came through

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You may not think about it this way, but the guests who enter your stores and pass through your drive-thru lanes bring you more than money and huge appetites. With every transaction, they could be turning over to you their names, email and physical addresses, birth dates, bank account information and their credit card numbers,

The Difference between QSR, Fast Casual & Casual Dining

The restaurant industry is booming. Eateries of all types are popping up left and right daily. So how are restaurants classifying themselves these days? What distinguishes one restaurant concept from another? QSR Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) is the official restaurant terminology for a “fast food” establishment, with well-known names such as Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King,

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Cloud-based POS software like PAR Brink POS helps restaurant owners manage multiple locations in real-time using secure technology to provide access to important data. When you own multiple restaurants, how do you check daily sales, reorder stock, manage employees, and update menus? If your answer involves getting in and out of a car, visiting multiple

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Mobile point of sale systems, or mPOS, can create on-demand sales reports, manage inventory in real-time and help manage employees from a remote location. There is no question that point of sale technology helps businesses conduct sales more efficiently. Instead of trying to track and account for handwritten sales slips, orders are now easily placed and delivered effortlessly

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Restaurant POS deployment can be a daunting task. PAR’s support services can assist customers through this process, making it an easy and streamlined process. Adopting new technology can be intimidating for restaurant owners. Especially if you don’t fully understand how to best implement them. Transitioning to a new POS solution is a big deal. It requires research, investment,