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Ultimately, the goal in bringing any new technology in-house is not as much about being modern, as it is about improving how well your operation runs. Tablet POS systems are a form of smart technology being rapidly adopted by the restaurant industry. Adoption of tablets is not-so-straightforward and could be a reason for restaurateurs’ hesitance

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It’s hard to talk about the Power of Partnerships without first talking about the power of an Open API Architecture. If your restaurant POS software isn’t designed to easily communicate with your other POS integration technology partners, you may be missing out on valuable actionable data to drive your operations and grow your business. You

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Mobility is here to stay, and the sooner your restaurant adopts the newest technology, the better! Mobility has immersed itself completely in restaurants, and can now singlehandedly improve customer satisfaction, and provide your guests with the optimal dining experience! Have you taken measures to adopt this industry changing phenomenon? This trend has become synonymous with

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Since fresh ingredients are a huge part of your restaurant’s experience and presentation, proper inventory control is critical. Similar to how fast casual restaurants have established themselves apart from the rest of the restaurant industry, a new dining experience is evolving called fresh casual. With it, a new set of restaurants are looking to differentiate themselves from competitors and

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According to Restaurant Technology’s 2016 Industry Report, 68% of diners agree that server handheld tablets improve their guest experience. Mobile POS solutions have been a revolutionizing component in restaurants in recent years- a groundbreaking and defining part of a cultural shift that has rocked the restaurant industry to its core and caused it to redefine

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We started our business by bringing McDonald’s technological point of sale solutions, and improving the visibility of its financial flows. Rahi Roshandel, VP of Hardware Development, was interviewed by Neo Restauration, a French publication targeting readers of Commercial Catering, Fast food, Catering, Buyers, and Suppliers of RHD. Which sectors of activity are affected by the technological