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POS software can help prevent loss by providing accounting audit trails that give you the data you need to identify employee or customer theft. Your restaurant point of sales system should do more than just handle transactions and print sales reports. The best restaurant POS software provides added security benefits like data alerts that notify managers when unauthorized employees

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The right bar POS software adds management efficiency and customer satisfaction to any restaurant operation. 90% of bars fail in the first three years. Running a bar is hard work. Bar owners must abide by various alcohol laws and food safety regulations, as well as deal with all the other typical challenges of business management like

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Mobility First is about ensuring every new app or service we build and every major change we make in PixelPoint® incorporates the mobile device user experience. For the past 18 months, the PAR PixelPoint® product team has focused on two core initiatives that must be considered for everything we build. They are “Mobility First” and “Cloud First.” Firstly, I will focus on