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A photo of bundled asparagus.

Cheap peanut oil marketed as extra virgin olive oil. Melamine in milk. White tuna sushi that’s actually escolar, a toxic fish that’s banned in Japan. Food fraud is more common than most people think! Food fraud is the intentional mislabeling of a food product, usually for the purpose of economic gain. This can happen in

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How to Create Efficiency, Exactness and Economies of scale Driven by Food Safety legislation, but equally concerned with the consumer experience and preserving brand value, Food Safety Monitoring (FSM) has evolved into a sophisticated tool for restaurants and retail outlets. FSM ensures that potentially hazardous ingredients are identified and eliminated from products and meals, that

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Training Staff on Food Safety Monitoring We all went to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Some of us moved on to college to study food science, hospitality and management. Others hold advanced degrees in highly-sophisticated fields. Yet few of us ever formally studied Food Safety Management (FSM), which is now pervasive in almost