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At what point did consumers decide to drive right past the colorful signs and convenient drive-through lanes of national food chains, and opt for dinner from the grocery store and the gas station? That tipping point is telling. It might have to do with consumers seeking convenience (fill the tank, grab a sub) or variety

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As the evolution of food safety technology becomes more prevalent as companies make the transition from manual paper-based recording methods, food safety software is steadily evolving. In this webinar, John Sammon III, GM & Sr. VP SureCheck, explained how Food Safety Software is enabling companies to digitize their traditional analog best practices surrounding compliance, data

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Too many times the status quo is simply accepted, not audited. In the food safety world, manual-paper based recording methods have been the norm for years. While cases of foodborne illnesses continue to rise and the FDA continues its stringent enforcement of FSMA, it is paramount we understand the importance that food safety technology will