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Despite their novelty to the restaurant industry, robots have been around a long time. According to Eric Roberts, the former director of undergraduate studies for the Computer Science Department at Stanford, the ancient Egyptians used water-powered human-shaped carvings to automatically strike bells marking the start of every hour. In 1961, American inventor George Devol was

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When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in July 1994, there were just 10,000 websites on the internet. They were only discoverable through rudimentary search engines that turned up little, if any, information relevant to the locally minded behaviors that companies have since sought to track, from ordering food from a nearby restaurant to searching for the

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From 2006 to 2016, full service restaurant (FSR) sales kept pace with the overall restaurant industry, increasing by 56.58% to $291.4 billion compared with a 55.77% growth rate for total restaurant sales of $658.6 billion for the same time period. With the growth of so many dining alternatives, however, it is more difficult than ever