IoT Monitoring for IT Applications

The graph below contains actual temperatures collected by an IoT sensor that collects humidity and temperature data.

SureCheck Temperature Graph

The goal of the system is to provide a notification in the event of high temperatures, which can damage high cost servers and networking equipment.  When the room temperature is over safe limits, an alert is sent via text messaging or by E-mail to maintenance staff to react in real-time to an issue.  If the issue is not resolved in a set time, the problem can be escalated to Maintenance Management and to the IT group.  The result is overall savings in equipment repair or replacement and minimizing any compute down-time.

SureCheck Temperature Reading

IoT systems can be setup in two ways:

  1. Automatically Acknowledge Mode: Allows the problem to be fixed, and when the IoT system recognizes that the room or closet is now at acceptable temperatures, the Alert will automatically be acknowledged and reset by the system.  The maintenance staff requires no further action.

SureCheck Acknowledgement Mode

  1. Manual Mode: An alert must be acknowledged and then reset manually on the web portal when acknowledged and when resolved, eliminating subsequent alerts from the initial issue.

SureCheck Acknowledgement Mode 2

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