Run a Better Bar with PixelPoint POS

The right bar POS software adds management efficiency and customer satisfaction to any restaurant operation.

90% of bars fail in the first three years.

Running a bar is hard work. Bar owners must abide by various alcohol laws and food safety regulations, as well as deal with all the other typical challenges of business management like scheduling, inventory, employees, taxes, etc., and don’t even mention the fierce competition. It’s no doubt bar owners are always looking for a leg up and ways to be as successful as possible. Using the right hospitality POS software can make a huge difference in management efficiency and customer satisfaction in the bar industry.

PAR’s PixelPoint POS system serves as a perfect solution for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants through its many integrations and extremely efficient transaction experience. Here’s how:


Inventory Control and Waste

It’s not uncommon for neighborhood bars to feature a constant stream of regulars. And with that, a relaxed rapport with the staff member behind the bar.

“This one’s on me.”

Let’s do some math. Say your bar has two shifts throughout the day, with three employees working each shift. If each bartender gives away two free drinks, that’s 12 drinks per day. That may seem trivial, especially if you’ve sold upwards of 1,000 drinks by night’s end. But if each drink costs an average of $6/drink, you’ve experienced a $72/day loss. Multiply that by 365 days and that’s a total of $26,280. Even the smallest waste can add up over time.

PixelPoint closely monitors inventory and compares it to monies taken in. Reports will show a discrepancy in numbers and help ensure proper logging and selling of all your goods. As owner or operator, stay more in-tune with the comings and goings of your products, and run a more profitable business. PixelPoint’s loss prevention feature set helps reduce employee theft and mistakes as well as prevent food and drink waste.


Integration with Hardware

PixelPoint’s bar software can integrate with your current hardware. It’s downloadable directly to your terminals. Customers won’t notice a difference, and the simple set-up lets bartenders punch in items quicker, giving them more time to sling drinks for paying customers.

Your employees are already familiar with your current set-up, so why change it? PixelPoint is compatible with more than 200 POS hardware systems around the world. Don’t worry- you won’t lose your online/mobile ordering system, reservations network, or receipt style.  PixelPoint can integrate with a variety of features and tools from third party providers.

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Loyalty Program 

Wait, you don’t have a digital loyalty program yet? You’re missing out. Having BOGO chips at happy hour doesn’t cut it anymore. Just like restaurants and retailers, bars should take advantage of mobile loyalty programs. Consider a point system for free gifts or the ability to reap rewards after X amount of check-ins. The options are endless. PixelPoint has the capabilities to integrate with mobile apps and loyalty programs to help you keep track of money spent, visits, items bought and more.

At the same time, store customer information in your bar software system so you can send loyal customers special deals, important information, exclusive offers and more. Use SMS and email notification for easy communication.


Custom Configuration

Every bar is different, from different staff needs to different customer lifestyles. That’s why having the ability to customize your point of sale system is critical today. With PixelPoint, take advantage of customizations around order pages, receipts, and kitchen tickets and routing. By making minor adjustments to meet your exact needs, you can cut back on training costs when deploying the software and ensure high productivity at all times.


Reporting System

To keep track of your inventory, sales, loss prevention and more, your bar POS software needs to have a reliable, accurate reporting system. That’s exactly what PixelPointhas. Receive automatic reports and updates when you want them (daily, weekly, monthly). You also have the ability to check real-time data from the backend of the system. These reports are sent via email to whoever is listed as an administrator. Use the information to make better business decisions around product, staff, sales, and more.

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PAR’s PixelPoint POS software is a leading point of sale solution for restaurants and retailers alike. Fully configurable, it’s designed to meet your staff needs, without forcing them to change current processes.  PixelPoint POS is available as a perpetual license or subscription option. Experience an extensive loss prevention set, advanced cost management, global compliance, loyalty integration, and more. For more information on PAR’s PixelPoint point of sale software, click below!