2017 Global Restaurant Leadership Conference Recap

49 countries were represented at this year’s Global Restaurant Leadership Conference

Last month I attended the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, GRLC show in Dubai for a chance to connect with market operators worldwide. This opportunity allowed for interaction with Hospitality operators from across the globe and a chance to learn about market trends and consumer behavior.

I had the opportunity to listen to leading industry speakers from local brands and franchisees within the Middle East region. Some of the highlights and key takeaways included:

Market trends & hot markets across the globe from Technomic:

  • Interestingly, Asia and Middle East markets have the highest growth rate in the hospitality sector ranging from 10.9% to 4.4%
  • Maximum sales growth is from Quick service at 4.3% followed by fast casual  at 3.6% and casual dining at 1.4%
  • Cultural trends on eating habits in different regions – fastest growing countries are Columbia, India, China and the UAE

Technology trends – Food Safety and Food Fraud by Alisha Gulden

  • Trash fish is being passed off as a premium species worldwide
  • Surprisingly food fraud generates $10 billion to $15 billion in sales
  • Tools to detect fakery

Thankful I was able to attend this topnotch event and hear valuable information from the restaurant hospitality industry.