Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right POS Terminal

Hardware should be built with the end-user in mind. Easy to update, easy to operate.

Like any important business decision, choosing the right POS terminal involves asking a lot of fundamental questions. Your answers will determine the needs of your organization and help you find the perfect point of sale system to keep lines moving and your restaurant running smoothly.

How Should It Work?

Hardware should be built with the end-user in mind. Easy to update, easy to operate. It should provide reporting and tracking that allows management to make informed decisions. Additionally, you should constantly be on the lookout for a restaurant solution that helps easily process orders and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction with each and every experience. The top trends today – which won’t be going away anytime soon – include:

Your POS terminals should be fully integrated with restaurant POS software that offers today’s most popular needs.


What’s My Budget?

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many overlook it early on. With so many different POS systems out there, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it – this will help weed out options above your price point. Take into consideration long-term expenses, add-ons, service fees, etc.


How Do I Train My Employees? 

Buying the most innovative restaurant POS system sounds like a good idea – until your employees have no clue how to use it. The purpose of incorporating technology into the workplace is to make everyday activities easier. What’s that adage – work smarter, not harder, right? You have to ensure your staff members, from the most experienced workers to the fresh new high school hires, can be trained to fluently operate the system. If not, lines will bottleneck and customers will leave with a bad taste in their mouths. And they haven’t even eaten yet!

Most POS suppliers provide training sessions. Be sure to take advantage of them!

Once you answer those questions, you can begin scoping out different POS vendors. After narrowing down your search, start asking more technical questions that help in your decision making.


What Are My Dimensional Requirements? 

It’s like buying a new 60-inch flat screen television for your living room. Don’t buy it if it doesn’t fit! There are a variety of size options for POS terminals, all of which serve different purposes and fit different restaurant sizes and cash out areas. Measure your counter space and tables to figure out the best application dimensions. Consider ergonomic positioning, low profile, or wall mount options. Also, consider tabletop tablets for guests to cash out directly. Not only is it a space-saver, but great for customer experience.


What Are Its Capabilities?

There is much more to POS terminals than just the touch screen. Don’t forget about the cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, mobile scanner, credit card reader and more. Your restaurant POS system must be able to do everything in sync, or risk added headache or misreported figures.

Find POS hardware and software that offers an all-in-one solution, or plays well with others so you can be sure all employee and customer needs are being met. Ensure it has the flexibility to scale with your growing business too, and its longevity will avoid constant repairs or upgrade fees.


What Are Its Distinct Features? 

Consider a terminal that stands out from the rest. Read reviews and explore case studies to ensure the product is really “walking the walk.” Look closely at the average lifespan of the product.

The longer a product lifecycle, the longer the time between upgrades, higher system performance for your business, a decrease in your customer wait times, and an increase in overall profitability. Consider a point of sale system that is built to withstand the harsh conditions of a busy, productive restaurant, able to repel water, and endure treatment from rough employees.

Choosing the right POS terminal can be the difference between keeping the line moving or customers walking out the door empty-handed. Choose a hardware (and software) solution that perfectly meets your restaurant’s requirements and become a more efficient, and profitable, restaurant.


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